Elite Dangerous: The Best Exploration Ships

Elite Dangerous offers players a whole new universe to explore, with billions of stars and planets ready to be discovered. It strives to create an atmosphere where humanity has advanced considerably but still has no idea what things lurk in the far corners of such a massive universe.

You can be an Assassin, a Bounty Hunter, a Mercenary, or even a Pirate, so combat in this game is super interesting. However, exploring the game’s map can be just as much or even more fun, depending on what you enjoy. To do so, you should get a reliable ship that maneuvers well and has a reasonable distance in its lightyear jumps, so you can safely travel the cosmos. To achieve this, here are the best exploration ships that Elite Dangerous has to offer.

Diamondback Explorer

The Diamondback Explorer is a ship designed for combat with a Class 3 hardpoint. However, this ship is also one of the most popular ships among beginners who are interested in exploration, and even as a permanent option.

It’s small, not at all expensive, fast, capable of evading the enemy to survive, and with a good range jump. As an exploration ship, all that is appreciated, meaning the Diamondback Explorer is definitely a solid option.

The Diamondback Explorer has the following features:

  • Costs 1,894,760 CR.
  • Has an Insurance of 94,738 CR.
  • Its range jump goes from 15.70 lightyears to a maximum of 41.61 lightyears if upgraded.
  • It has an Armor of 270.
  • It has Shields of 131 MJ.
  • It boasts incredible maneuverability
  • Its Top-Boost Speed is 251-328 m/s by default
  • There is a  cargo capacity of 12 tons, expandable to a maximum of 60 tons.

Krait Phantom

The Krait Phantom is a mix of an exploration and a combat ship. It has the maneuverability, speed, and spectacular jump range for exploration with firepower great enough to hold its own against the enemy, having 2 Large hardpoints and 2 Medium hardpoints.

The Krait Phantom has the following features:

  • A cost of 37,472,254 CR.
  • An Insurance of 1,873,612 CR.
  • A jump range between 9.78 lightyears per default and 34.79 lightyears if upgraded.
  • It also has an Armor of 324.
  • It has Shields of 260 MJ.
  • Its Top-Boost Speed is 256-358 m/s per default.
  • Its cargo capacity is 82 tons and can be expanded to 190 tons.


The Orca looks like a high-end luxury passenger-carrying vessel. A ship that can be customized for exploration but with zero combat potential by having all its hardpoints in the lower part of the ship, i.e. strategically useless.

As always, one of the first characteristics that a player who has decided that their path is space exploration looks for is the maximum jump range in lightyears that the ship can perform. That little detail tells you how far and how fast the ship could travel through the universe. This ship’s high jump range is its primary advantage for explorers. However, No military modules can be stored in its internal compartments.

The Orca has the following features:

  • A price tag of 48,439,887 CR, which makes it relatively affordable.
  • Insurance of 2,426,994 CR.
  • Its Unladen Jump Range of 10.52 lightyears by default and 36.17 lightyears if upgraded is a very good point to its favor.
  • It also has an Armor of 396.
  • It includes Shields of 233 MJ.
  • Its Top-Boost Speed is  308-390 m/s by default.
  • It has a cargo capacity of 72 tons that can be expanded to 194 tons.


The Anaconda is a multipurpose ship that, with the right upgrades and engineering, seems to be able to do everything. It exceeds the jump range of other exploration ships on this list, with the exception of the Diamondback Explorer. With the Anaconda, even with exploration as its main focus, the player will be able to defend, attack, trade, and mine without effort.

Its stats are astronomical, although this is reflected in the price. It also has low maneuverability, although It compensates with an incredible amount of firepower comprising 2 Medium, 3 Large, and 1 Huge Hardpoint. The features of the Anaconda are:

  • A price of 146,969,450 CR.
  • An Unladen Jump Range of 9.41 lightyears to a maximum of 41.45 lightyears if upgraded.
  • Armor of 945.
  • Shields of 362 MJ.
  • A default Top-Boost Speed of 183-244 m/s.
  • A cargo capacity of 114 tons expandable to a maximum of 470 tons.

Imperial Clipper

The Imperial Clipper is a large, fast, and sleek ship used by the Empire to transport valuable stuff in record time. Another multipurpose ship that would not do badly used for exploration.  Although not recommended for combat at all, its strengths lie in its multiple compartments, from Class 1 to Class 7, and its potential for speed in a straight line. It also has good maneuverability.

The Imperial Clipper is only available to those who have obtained an Imperial Navy Rank of Baron.

Its stats are as follows:

  • It has a cost of 22,295,860 CR.
  • An Insurance of 1,114,793 CR.
  • An Unladen Jump Range of 8.98 lightyears by default and 27.52 lightyears if upgraded.
  • Armor of 486.
  • Shields of 186 M.
  • A Top-Boost Speed of 306-388 m/s by default.
  • A cargo capacity of 74 tons expandable to a maximum of 250 tons.

Asp Explorer

Considered by many players as the best of the best as far as exploration ships are concerned, the Asp Explorer is designed just for that. Apart from a good jump range, all a space explorer wants is to be able to view the cosmos in all its glory, and the Asp Explorer offers a full panoramic view of its surroundings through its almost entirely made of glass cockpit.

The Asp Explorer, with very good maneuverability and medium size, has the following stats:

  • A cost of 6,661,153 CR.
  • An Insurance of 333,057 CR.
  • Its Unladen Jump Range goes from 13.20 lightyears to a maximum of 38.19 lightyears.
  • It has an Armor of 378.
  • It has Shields of 152 MJ,
  • Its Top-Boost Speed is 254-345 m/s by default.
  • It has a cargo capacity of 38 tons expandable to a maximum of 130 tons.

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