Elder Scrolls Online Card Game Will Feature Best Rewards Yet

Tales of Tribute is The Elder Scrolls Online's newest minigame, coming alongside the High Isle expansion. It's a card game that you can play casually, through PvE with an accompanying story, or competitively as part of ranked tournaments that are staggered by seasons.

Each season boasts the same rewards, but these rewards are touted to be some of the best in ESO yet – the most comparable system is likely Cyrodiil where, granted you grind and do nothing but play the game, you can win the Three Banners War and become Emperor. Tales of Tribute's ranked system will let you climb up to similar prestige, but with better unlockables.

"The top 10 percent are going to earn some pretty sweet rewards at the end of every monthly season and then there are even better rewards if you know you're in the top couple percent," lead designer Irenio Calmon-Huang told TheGamer. "And when I say juicy rewards I mean like pretty hefty stuff on a level that you don't really see much of in the entire game really.

"The scope is hefty for the game," Calmon-Huang continued. "That is the truth. This is a big meaty system for sure and, on the competitive side of things, there are going to be leaderboards, rankings, resets, so that there's going to be this nice entry point where people who didn't participate in the last season can still jump in and rise with everyone else. So there are going to be a good number of opportunities there for players to engage with in Tales of Tribute."

While the rewards are being kept close to Bethesda's chest, Calmon-Huang did say that they are "juicy" and nothing like the rewards we've been able to unlock in the entire game up until this point. We've seen that increase in quality with the likes of treasure and leads which can net you anything from junk you can pawn to cosmetic skins for your collection. Whatever it is Tales of Tribute has up its sleeve is looking to be an impressive and fulfilling reward for your dedication and skill.

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