Elden Ring’s Mohg Was Initially Just A Regular Enemy

In life, you'll come across many people who've failed upward. They're not particularly remarkable, nor are they the best candidate for a particular station – but things just fall into place, and somehow in their favour. It turns out Elden Ring's Mohg is one such person. He isn't really that great at anything, in fact, he was shunned by his own people for being an accursed Omen. However, FromSoftware lore master, Zullie the Witch discovered that the devs didn't initially intend on him being a boss.

Living up to his reputation as a blood-sucking leech, it turns out Mohg only became a boss later on in the development cycle. Zullie points out that he might have earlier been an unnamed character, as his model name in the source code is 'GreaterDemon,' and has a loadlist for places like Murkwater Catacombs and Raya Lucaria Academy. This could mean that the Lord of Blood was earlier planned as a regular enemy, and was later promoted to a boss.

Zullie also explains that this could be one of the reasons we see Mohg at two different spots in the game – Mohgwyn Palace and the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Granted, a lore-friendly reason could be applied to this, saying that he's using Omen Illusion. However, it could have also been that one of that pre-boss Mohg models was just stationed there.

Another interesting detail that Zullie brought to light was that the GreaterDemon loadlist also included Gelmir and Auriza Hero's Grave, where both the model and the infamous chariots had attach points. Meaning, if things turned out differently, it could have been GreaterDemon Mohg riding those chariots instead of a generic statue.

The final bit of proof that Zullie provided for this theory was that it seems to have affected Miquella's plotline. The source code reveals that in the fight with Malenia, Miquella originally had dialogues during his sister's phase change – "My dear twin, accept this gift. A gift of abundance, my last drop of dew. Let all things flourish, whether graceful, or malign."

This indicates that Miquella was originally supposed to be alongside Malenia – probably linked to the Haligtree in some way – and the plotline with Mohg was only added later on.

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