Elden Ring To Include Seamless Open World, Day/Night Cycles, And Free Next-Gen Upgrade

The Summer Game Fest was a bombastic success yesterday, with the Elden Ring trailer wrapping up the night in a celebratory, global cheer as fans across the world shared their excitement. More details have since surfaced, including info on a next-gen upgrade, a perilous swamp, and horse traversal.

Firstly, FromSoftware has stated that it’s the studio’s “largest game to date,” toppling the likes of Dark and Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. This is evident by the fact that there are mares you can ride to get about, something that would be completely unnecessary in any other of its library.

However, while massive in scale, like the first Dark Souls, the level design is an interconnected maze with beginning areas looping into end-game locales, so you can nab some nifty shortcuts to get around quicker. Meanwhile, during your jaunt, you’ll find that the weather is dynamic with a night and day cycle. This is a change from the past games’ pre-determined approach.

Something that will irk fans but give them a deep sense of nostalgia is the fact that Elden Ring features swamps. Yep. We’re going back to the Valley of Defilement, the accursed Blighttown, the rigorous Harvest Valley, and The Gutter. As if Dark Souls 3 sporting two wasn’t bad enough. It’ll also have plains, mountains, castles, and “other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title,” so these swamps might just be a touch bigger than the ones that have caused us pain in the past.

Like with From’s older titles, you can create your own character, so it won’t be a Sekiro situation where it’s laid out for you before you get out of the gate. However, you do have a goal in mind, that of becoming an Elden Lord, sort of like becoming the Chosen Undead or the one to link or abandon the flame.

But, if you pick it up for PS4 or Xbox One, fret not, as you can upgrade to next-gen for free. Xbox Series players can utilize smart delivery, although it’s likely that PlayStation users will have to download manually. At any rate, Elden Ring is finally upon us, coming January 20, 2022.

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