EA Disputes Claim It Would Take 22,000 Hours Of Gameplay To Obtain The Perfect FIFA FUT Team

EA has reacted a claim that it would take two and a half years of constant FIFA gameplay to put together the perfect FUT team without spending any real money.

Loot boxes are under a microscope at the moment and have even been banned in some parts of the world. EA’s games are being scrutinized more than most since it is responsible for a lot of titles that use them. The developer has even tried to convince the world that its loot boxes are actually “surprise mechanics”, but no luck there.

A new deep dive into what it would take to build the perfect FUT in FIFA 21 will not have helped EA’s plight to get the spotlight off of loot boxes. ScudzTV posted a thread revealing how much it would take to build what they perceive to be the perfect Ultimate Team in FIFA. The team costs 100 million coins, so the calculations revolve around what it would take to earn that many coins.

If a player earns an average of 1500 coins per match, and the average match takes 20 minutes, that adds up to 22,000 hours of gameplay to earn that many coins. Or two and a half years of playing FIFA around the clock, at which point the game you are playing would have been replaced at least twice.

Trading your way to the perfect team is a far quicker method according to ScudzTV’s calculations. Just 69 days of trading 24/7. If you do have the cash to get it done, they estimate the team in mind will cost just shy of £80,000. The thread has generated so much traction that EA has responded. In a statement to The Mirror, EA disputed the claims made, blaming the assumptions made in the calculations.

“You can’t accurately calculate how many coins you would earn from trading as that would depend on your skill as a trader,” EA claims, also mentioning the average number of coins earned per match. There will indeed be players who average more than 1500 coins per match. However, there will also be those who average far less. The heated discussion in regard to loot boxes will rage on regardless. In Germany, games featuring the mechanic could soon be forced to have an 18+ rating by law. That would be a hefty blow to EA in a major market.

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