Dragon Age Origins: How To Become Queen

So, you want to rule Ferelden? In the history of Thedas, a Grey Warden queen has been unheard of. In Dragon Age: Origins though, it is possible. However, players have to make very specific choices that range from character creation, who you romance, and the choices made within the games’ story.

Many fans have sought out this route in the story, except the result is tailored to very specific conditions.

Step One: Make A Female Human Noble Or Mage

Unfortunately, an elf, mage, dwarf cannot become Queen of Ferelden. Players who have tried have gotten their hearts broken by Alistair, even after making him King. Only Couslands can become Queen (King is possible too, but that has some different steps).

A source of confusion in many guides with whether human mages can become Queen. The truth is, even human mages cannot be Queen. However, they can be a consort to the King if Alistair is hardened. So they can stay with King Alistair, but they cannot be Queen.

Step Two: Romance Alistair And Get Him To 100 Percent Approval

The only romance for someone who wants to become Queen is Alistair. No other romance can get the Warden to the role of Queen of Ferelden. So hopefully you like Alistair. Luckily, romancing him is not difficult. He is also quite romantic.

To romance Alistair, the player should definitely take advantage of gifts. When talking to Alistair, make sure to pick a lot of jokes (as long as he isn’t the butt of the joke). He tends to love sarcastic comments. Like most romances, it also helps to agree with him whenever you can.

Things to avoid include insulting the Grey Wardens or Duncan. Also, just don’t be rude to him or to others (unless they are Morrigan).

Even if you accidentally say something cruel or insult Alistair, the game usually offers the chance to apologize to him and rebuild the relationship.

With massive approval and completing Alistair’s personal quest, he will ask the spend the night with the Warden.

Optional (If Coercion Is Not A High Level): Harden Alistair In His Personal Quest

This is an optional step, as players with high coercion can become Queen without hardening Alistair. Hardening characters in Dragon Age are basically subtle personality changes that can be triggered through player choices. Hardening Alistair is not required to become Queen, but can make it easier and players may just want to do it just in case.

Alistair’s quest is simply called, “Alistair’s Family.” It is short, but has huge consequences for how he will behave later in the game (especially at the Landsmeet). To get the quest, you need to know who Alistair’s father is and have decent approval from him. To know his fathers’ identity, players must take him to Redcliffe during their first visit or wait and complete The Urn of Sacred Ashes questline to cure Arl Eamon.

To harden him, players must pick the dialogue option “Everyone is out for themselves. You should learn that,” after he speaks with his family. This is preparation for Alistair to be more willing for the next step.

Step Three: Make Alistair King

The next, and most difficult step, is the Landsmeet. A lot of critical decisions are made here both for the characters and just the world of Thedas in general. One mistake can make becoming Queen impossible.

Decisions that must be picked include killing Loghain and offering to rule at Alistair’s side. This means you must absolutely not conscript Loghain to the Wardens. Doing so loses Alistair as a companion. Loghain has to be executed with little debate. Also, obviously, don’t let Anora rule or get into an arranged marriage with Alistair.

After the Landsmeet and the offer to rule together, Alistair will come talk to the Warden and you need to make your case for the two to stay together as Queen and King. If he is hardened, the player must click “You should think about what you want.” If he isn’t hardened, there is a coercion skill check to get him to decide that you are right.

Step Four: Survive The Battle Of Denerim

Obviously, the Warden needs to survive the events of the game to become Queen. However, Alistair must also survive. If he dies, the Warden does not get to rule alone. Instead, Anora will take the throne no matter what was decided at the Landsmeet.

With both the Warden and Alistair needed to stay alive, this means players have to do Morrigan’s ritual. This also means convincing either Alistair or Riordan to sleep with her.

At this point, convincing Alistair is not hard because he has a high approval level with the Warden and will trust her. Remember, Alistair loves jokes. While the situation is serious, joking about it helps (and definitely leads to some funny banter). The coercion skill helps as well, just like it after the Landsmeet.

With the ritual done, neither warden has to sacrifice themselves in the battle. They can live as King and Queen.

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