Dr Disrespect Drops Action-Packed Video Declaring Allegiance To Twitch

Dr Disrespect has released an action-packed video in order to officially pledge his allegiance to Twitch – remaining exclusive to the streaming platform that he built his career upon. The latest trend among streamers has been to sensationalize revealing their choice of platform, and The Doc decided to raise that bar to a whole new level.

In the epic video, Dr Disrespect is being flown to a “landing zone” by two pilots. He begins to antagonize the pair, boasting about his accomplishments. When they start to laugh at the streamer’s gaming ambition, he performs a brief monologue before launching himself directly through the front windshield of the hovercraft. As if the production wasn’t impressive enough, The Doc wraps things up by soaring through night sky in a wingsuit – headed towards a massive building with the Twitch logo on it.

Leading up to the video’s release, Dr Disrespect revealed to his chat that there would be an announcement regarding his choice of streaming platform.

Despite the anticipation and high-budget announcement, most viewers had already guessed that the character would remain on Twitch. In the past, he hasn’t been shy about complimenting Twitch while knocking its competitors.

Speaking of which, The Doc is still up to his usual antics, targeting fellow streamers and roasting them. Recently, he tried out his imitation skills when going after some big-time content creators.

The veteran streamer wasted no time teasing Ninja, TimTheTatman, and Nadeshot about their blandness of personality, implying that they all say “bro” way too much. Although his attacks seem intense and personal, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV is just playing into Dr Disrespect’s ridiculous character.

He’s been making some big moves lately, undoubtedly securing a profitable deal with Twitch. This comes in addition to an upcoming book release, a collaboration with the WWE, and a future TV show; Dr Disrespect is clearly on a mission.

As the Dr Disrespect channel grows on Twitch, his ambition to achieve even more outside of the platform grows along with it. Because popular streamers are a brand new category of celebrity, it is hard to say how much fame they can eventually achieve. By the looks of it, both Ninja and Dr Disrespect are going to be exploring that avenue.

Sources: YouTube, Twitch

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