Doom Creator Tweets Latest Advancement: Doom Controlled By A Rotary Phone

Doom can be played on pretty much everything these days, from a grand piano to a literal potato. It can even be played by rats, provided you're willing to give those rats a special apparatus that tracks their movements and rewards shooting imps with food and water.

The path to playing Doom on every device is long and winding, and humanity's work discovering what can play Doom isn't quite finished yet. Today, Doom creator John Romero has announced to the world that Doom can now be played via a rotary phone.

We have Reddit user g_calgary to thank for creating a program that turns the analog signals of a rotary phone into digital signals that can be assigned to a keyboard. In this case, 1 is ctrl, 2 is left arrow, 3 is right arrow, 4 is up arrow, 5 is down arrow, and 6 is spacebar. Everything you need to send Doomguy into the depths of Hell to kill some Cacodemons.

Originally just an interesting side project, g_calgary was convinced to modify his rotary phone code to play Doom after posting it to Reddit a week ago. "When I posted my project before, someone suggested using it to play DOOM," g_calgary wrote. "So I remapped the keys. Just an awful experience. Do not recommend!!"

As you can see from the video, progress is slow when each press of a key is delayed by the rotary phone action. Doomguy is completely unable to respond to threats for at least a full second, making him completely outclassed by even the most basic of Doom enemies. Still, that’s not the point. We can cross rotary phones off the list and move on to even more challenging platforms to play Doom on–like a hummingbird or maybe an ant colony.

In other Doom news, you can now play Doom in Minecraft. The Doomed mod recreates the original Doom experience in Minecraft, complete with imps, zombies, and of course, Cacodemons. Minecraft can get pretty creepy when it wants to, and this mod recreates Doom's classic shooter gameplay perfectly.

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