Divinity Original Sin 2: How To Complete Artefacts Of The Tyrant

Strong and unique armor is abundant in Divinity: Original Sin 2, if you’re ready to look around and work for it. Some are carefully hidden and sprinkled across multiple Acts of the game, while some can be unlocked fairly early on for some additional protection. However, in true Larian style, not all armor is without a catch.

The Artefacts of the Tyrant is one armor set that can be unlocked early on in the game, but which is practically useless until each piece has been found. The pieces are actually cursed and inflict negative status effects on characters who wear them, unless the full armor set is worn.

As such, the best way to get the most out of Braccus Rex’s infamous armor is to gather all the pieces, which is a quest that begins in Fort Joy when you read the book “Artifacts of the Tyrant”. Here’s where to go in Act I to get your hands on all five pieces.

Where To Find The Tyrant’s Helm

This is the headpiece of the armor set. Your character needs to be level 6 to wear it and have level 11 Strength as an attribute.

It provides 3 points of Magical Armor and 15 points of Physical Armor. The helmet buffs your Strength by +1 and grants a special Purge ability, which when used three times will summon a monster known as Krylr, who must be defeated. It also lowers Leadership by one.

To get the helmet, head over to the Decrepit Ruins roughly at the center of Fort Joy once you’re outside of the fort itself. The helmet is past the door that needs to be opened by using a cursed lever.

Where To Find The Heart Of The Tyrant

The chest piece of the armor set can be easily found during the quest ‘The Vault of Braccus Rex.’ During this quest, you’ll visit the Dark Cavern, which has the treasure room of the fallen Sourcerer King. His chest plate is found in the final treasure room, over a brazier.

  • If the piece is worn without the full set, keep in mind the wearer will suffer from permanent Burning status effects.

The Heart of the Tyrant requires 11 Strength to wear and grants 6 points of Magic Armor and 34 points of Physical Armor. There’s also a +10% Fire Resistance buff and +1 Warfare buff.

Where To Find The Hands Of The Tyrant

The gloves of the set are much harder to get your hands on. In order to get to them, you need to first figure your way through the Gargoyle’s Maze found in the southern parts of the island. The gloves are located inside a tower at the back of the maze, within a coffin that’s found right next to a few barrels, a second coffin, and two chests.

  • Opening the coffin either requires a trap disarming kit or a whopping Strength 18 attribute.

As for the gloves, you’ll need Strength 11 to wear them, but without the full armor, they’ll apply the Diseased status effect. They grant 3 points of Magical Armor and 18 points of Physical Armor. Additional effects include a +10% Water Resistance buff and +1 Two-Handed buff.

Where To Find Tyrant’s Stride

The leggings of the set, when worn without the full armor set will slow your character down permanently. They require level 6 to be worn and level 11 Strength as well.

  • When worn, they grant 4 points of Magic Armor, 22 points of Physical Armor, and buff your Constitution by +1. Additionally, you gain +10% Earth Resistance.

To get these leggings, head to the Caverns south of the Fort Joy marketplace where the elves are staying. You need to play hide and seek with a child named Mody, who will eventually introduce you to his friend Withermoore inside the Ancient Passage.

Withermoore will give you a quest, but before you leave the passage, make sure to check a large statue in this area. You’ll need 15 Wits to actually spot the Tyrant’s Stride leggings on the statue.

Where To Find The Tracks Of The Tyrant

The final piece of the set is the boots. Make sure not to wear them without the full set, as they will apply a Crippled status effect on your character. They require level 6 to be worn and Strength 11 as well.

  • These boots grant you 3 points of Magic Armor, 18 Physical Armor, and buff your sneaking by +1, your movement speed by +0.25, and your Air Resistance by +10%.

Once you’ve left Fort Joy’s prison through the main bridge, you might walk on to a northern beach where you encounter Windego for a second time since the introductory part of the game. After the fight, walk along the coast until you reach a tower with storm clouds inside of it. The boots are inside the tower and to get inside, you’ll need to get on the adjacent cliff and teleport one of your party members in.

Once you meet the requirements to equip each piece of armor, you can wear them all at once to prevent the negative effects.

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