Diretide Returns To Dota 2, Bringing A Treat-Filled Game Mode And More With It

Dota 2 is celebrating Halloween with a long-awaited event – Diretide. Running from now until December 22 you can jump into the new game mode to collect candy, keep Roshan at bay, and earn some exclusive rewards.

For the duration of the Diretide event, all Dota 2 matches you participate in will reward you with Diretide Points. Every time you collect 100 of these new Diretide Points, you’ll be given one of more than 75 unique rewards. The full list is packed with exclusive sets, couriers, wards, and more – but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Cosmetic Pumpkin Head (equippable by all heroes)
  • Scatterbrains (Diretide Courier)
  • Diretide Shader Effect
  • Spooly (Diretide Courier)
  • Diretide Meag-Kills Annoucer

But wait – there’s more! You’ll also have the chance to unlock The Hallowed Chest of Diretide, a mysterious object that houses 60+ items – including contributor sets, all-new Immortal sets, and rare Emblems – and brings back the Chest and Key system from years ago. If you’ve played CS:GO and experienced its Crate System, The Hallowed Chest of Diretide is a similar mechanic. You’ll need a Key to unlock the new chests – which retail for $2.50 – but you can always sell unwanted items on the marketplace to pad your wallet and purchase the Key.

No doubt about it, the community is thrilled to see Diretide make a return. It made its inaugural appearance way back in 2012, then had a follow-up in 2013. Since then it’s been completely absent from Dota 2. But – at long last – Valve has decided to count to three, bringing back the beloved event for a third appearance. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another seven years to see Diretide make a triumphant fourth appearance.

The Diretide event is now live in Dota 2 and will run until December 22. You’ll need all that time, too, if you’re hoping to unlock the hundreds of exclusive new items. For more information on the event, head on over to the official Dota 2 website.

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