Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: All Lucent Moth Locations

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  • Moth #1: Quagmire
  • Moth #2: Alluring Curtain
  • Moth #3: Apothecary
  • Moth #4: Miasma
  • Moth #5: Witch's Echo
  • Moth #6: Temple Of The Wrathful
  • Moth #7: Temple Of The Cunning
  • Moth #8: Florescent Canal
  • Moth #9: Court Of Thorns
  • Moth #10: Altar Of Reflection

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen added a new series of collectibles for Guardians to find while patrolling Savathun's Throne World. Lucent Moths are one such collectible, scattered across the patrol space. There are ten in total. Similar to Europa's Penguins, you'll need to find them and place each Moth in the world space—in this case, they're placed right beside Fynch.

Collecting all Moths is needed to earn the Gumshoe title. For those looking to earn a title or just love hunting down collectibles, this guide will cover where to find all ten Lucent Moths in Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion.

Moth #1: Quagmire

Make your way to the cave just above the Extraction Lost Sector. A small pack of Hive will spawn when you arrive. Kill all the Hive to remove the forcefield protecting the Lucent Moth.

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Moth #2: Alluring Curtain

This Lucent Moth is located deep within the Alluring Curtain, a zone located southeast of Quagmire. Head to the southeast corner of the zone to find a series of platforms. Jump across them to reach the Alluring Curtain. From there, follow the path to your left and activate the Deepsight Orb. Follow the path for a few minutes until you reach another dead end. Activate another Deepsight Orb to reveal new platforms. The end of that path will house a small fountain area with multiple Acolytes and a Wizard. Kill the Wizard to spawn the Moth on its corpse. Images showcasing the exact path can be viewed above.

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Moth #3: Apothecary

From the Moth in the Alluring Curtain, run into the building and past the enemies to make your way to the Apothecary. At the other end of the platform will be a Deepsight Orb. Interact with it to spawn five symbols. Destroy all five symbols to spawn the Moth. The order in which you break the symbols doesn't matter.

  1. On a chest-high crate near the stairs
  2. Down the stairs and to your left.
  3. Inside the small structure.
  4. To the right of the previous symbol, presenting itself on the wall of adjacent stairs.
  5. To the right of the Deepsight Orb you activated.

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Moth #4: Miasma

You'll find this Lucent Moth in the northern end of Miasma. Head to the trees next to Witch's Echo and look up. The Moth will be resting on one of the branches.

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Moth #5: Witch's Echo

You'll need to enter the Witch's Echo for this Moth. From the last Moth, head slightly east into a circular building. The tunnel will lead you straight to the Witch's Echo. From the circular room with Scorn enemies, enter a green-lit cave. The next room has a Deepsight Orb, Use it to find a Moth hidden in a doorframe.

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Moth #6: Temple Of The Wrathful

While in the Witch's Echo, continue from where the previous Moth is down a green tunnel. The end of it will lead you outside of a massive structure. Jump to the left of that structure to find a group of Scorn. Kill the Scorn to spawn the Moth.

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Moth #7: Temple Of The Cunning

Once again, continue following the path you left at the previous Moth location. The Scorn enemies will lead you to a bridge. Cross that bridge and continue following the path. You'll eventually enter a circular, blue-lit room with a few Scorn enemies. You'll find the Moth resting atop a pillar near the center platform.

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Moth #8: Florescent Canal

Near the center of the Florescent Canal is a water fountain with a Moth floating on a Hive-themed lilypad. Jump into the fountain to grab the Moth.

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Moth #9: Court Of Thorns

Boot up the Wellspring activity in Savathun's Throne World. At the beginning of Wellspring: Defense or the end of Wellspring: Attack, you'll want to enter one of the side rooms and look for a statue of a Hive Thrall. In its left hand will be a Lucent Moth.

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Moth #10: Altar Of Reflection

Start an Altar of Reflection activity. Complete the puzzle, then head into the next combat room. Instead of disrupting the Acolyte ritual, jump up the circular platform on your right to activate a Deepsight Orb. Turn around to find some new platforms. Climb atop those platforms to find the Lucent Moth.

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