Destiny 2 Is Changing Its Iron Banner Matchmaking So Maybe I’ll Stop Getting Mercied

It’s no secret that PvP in Destiny 2 has been suffering. It started with the removal of skill-based matchmaking in favor of connection-based matchmaking, and then it got so much worse with the arrival of Stasis in Beyond Light.

Since then, I’ve yet to play an Iron Banner game that didn’t end in one side mercying the other. This happens when one team is beating the other by more than double their point score. In the biz, we call that a general stomp.

Besides not being a whole lot of fun for the team getting stomped on, it also makes it difficult to complete Iron Banner quests and bounties if the danged game keeps getting called short.

Thankfully, Bungie is taking action. After releasing the biggest nerf to Stasis yet on Tuesday, Bungie is now changing the way Iron Banner determines its matches.

The way it works currently is that 12 players are found based on their connection speed, and then those 12 players are divided into two teams of six based on their average skill level. Each team’s average should be roughly the same, but this can still result in one team have three professional players and three newbs, while the other side has six average players.

The issue there is that three pros are often more than good enough to wipe the floor against six average players, so many Iron Banner matches were ending with the mercy rule (especially the ones I was personally in).

As of 1 PM EST (10 PM PST), Iron Banner has been updated to split teams using a modified algorithm that also tries to balance each individual player’s skill rather than just an average.

“With the changes being deployed today, we’re updating our Crucible lobby balancer to balance teams with a modified algorithm which can be compared to “School Yard Pick” or “Snake Draft,” writes Bungie. “This will attempt to place the best player on team one, second-best player on team two, third-best player on team two, fourth-best player on team one, and so on.”

There are no changes being done to overall matchmaking, however, so connection speed is still the primary determinant of who you’ll be playing against. That said, hopefully my Iron Banner matches will be a little more fun to play, or at least they’ll run the full 10 minutes.

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