Destiny 2: How To Spawn The Override Loot Goblin, Network Anomaly

The newest season of Destiny 2 brings a new playlist activity called Override. One week into the Season of the Splicer, players are still working together to uncover all of the mechanics and secrets hidden within the activity. One mechanic that has consistently confounded players is a loot goblin-type enemy that appears in the final encounters of the activity. These Network Anomalies are fairly elusive and there’s been a lot of debate in the community about what exactly causes them to spawn. If you’re having trouble getting the Network Anomaly minion to spawn, here’s a guide to help you find it in the Ovveride playlist activity.

What Is The Network Anomaly?

If you’ve played a few Override missions, you’ve probably encountered the Network Anomaly minion once or twice. The Vex Goblin is Destiny 2’s take on the “loot goblin,” a common mechanic in ARPGs like Diablo 3 in which a rare mob randomly spawns and rewards players with extra loot when they’re killed. In this case, the Network Anomaly mobs drop 25 Decrypted Data, the seasonal resource used to upgrade your Splicer Gauntlet and focus Umbral Engrams.

Network Anomalies can only spawn in the final boss encounter of the Override activity, but they will not spawn every time. Additionally, only one Network Anomaly can spawn per run.

How To Spawn The Network Anomaly Loot Goblin

There have been many theoriesĀ about how to make the Network Anomaly spawn, though virtually every “known” method has now been officially debunked by Destiny 2’s senior community manager dmg04 on Twitter. Players suspected that dunking the optional data spike three times during the first encounter would cause the Network Anomaly to spawn, but as it turns out, the Network Anomaly is almost completely random.

Luckily, there is something players can do to help their chances. According to dmg04, dunking data spikes does increase the chances that the enemy will spawn. In our testing, the Network Anomaly only spawns at the very beginning of the boss fight, so dunking data spikes throughout the boss fight likely won’t help you chances of finding this rare enemy. The best thing you can do to help your chances is simply collecting and dunking all three data spikes during the first encounter.

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