Destiny 2: Every Europa Region Chest Location

Destiny 2’s newest patrol space, Europa, has brought a plethora of secrets for Guardians to uncover. Penguin toys, dead Exos, and augment drones are just a few things that players can find on this icy moon.

Classic secrets from vanilla Destiny 2 are also present, one of which being region chests. These small, golden chests provide a large number of planetary materials and Glimmer when opened. Most are easy to find, although a few can be tricky to spot if you aren’t familiar with the patrol space. Let’s go over where all nine of Europa’s region chests are in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


Europa has nine regional chests for players to find: three on Cadmus Ridge, three in the Eventide Ruins, and three in the Asterion Abyss.

Cadmus Ridge #1

From the southern entrance of Cadmus Ridge, head right to find a cave entrance. The region chest is resetting in the center of the cave.

Cadmus Ridge #2

When you enter the Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Passing, jump up the massive glacier to your left. Upon climbing the first ice wall, look for a golden chest near the center of the second stacked wall. It’ll be tucked away in a corner.

Cadmus Ridge #3

This region chest can be found directly above the Bray Exoscience facility entrance on the western side of Cadmus Ridge.

Eventide Ruins #1

Enter the warehouse in the southern part of the Eventide Ruins. On the first pillar to your right, do a u-turn and jump into the box. The region chest will be tucked away in a corner of this crate.

Eventide Ruins #2

Travel to the eastern building in Eventide Ruins. You should see the above building. Run through the doorway, meeting what appears to be a dead end.

Turn around, then jump up a floor. The upper floor will have a region chest you can open.

Eventide Ruins #3

The western building in the Eventide Ruins has this chest. Before reaching the gravity lifts, turn left to find a walkway along the outer wall of the building. Follow it to the end to find the region chest.

Asterion Abyss #1

You can find this chest atop a lone Vex structure on the western part of the Asterion Abyss. Climb up the inverted “c” shaped structure near the center of the map. From there, jump across to the lone Vex pillar west of it. The chest will be sitting atop this pillar.

Asterion Abyss #2

A small cave can be found inside a glacier crack near the northern part of the Asterion Abyss. Right as you ride down the sloped incline that meets the icy plane, look for the cracked surface shown above. Head inside to find the chest.

Asterion Abyss #3

From the above location, drive north towards the large crevasse. A region chest can be found near the edge of the glacier, hiding on a lower sheet of ice.

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