Destiny 2 Dance Troupe Puts On Holiday Celebration

When most people think of a 6-player activity in Destiny 2, they think raids. But raiding isn’t all you can do with your clan in Destiny.

Husky Raid has been putting on incredibly choreographed dance numbers for years. Their famous “Saw Something Weird” series always starts off with one player seeing something strange in the distance before being transported to a land where Light and Dark make beautiful music together.

Husky Raid didn’t do much throughout 2020, but it seems that the global pandemic has gotten the old band back together just in time for the holidays. Their latest video of “Saw Something Weird In The Cosmodrome,” naturally focuses on the latest expansion, Beyond Light, and the frozen moon of Europa to make a very holiday-themed dance number.

The beauty of Husky Raid’s dance numbers is that they try as much as possible to use in-game weapons and abilities for all of their effects. Destiny 2 has a large library of emotes that can be strung together with some clever cuts and fast costume swaps to imitate anything you could do in real life.

I particularly love the use of the Titan’s Ward of Dawn bubble to create a giant snowman along with the new Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher, and Anarchy to make some glowing ice crystals outside of the Europan Lost Sector.

They even did a second video in honor of Destiny’s Dawning event, which is running from now until January 5. You can get some sweet deals in the Eververse and even make a boatload of Bright Dust in case you didn’t want to spend real money on a new ornament. However, unless people pick up the pace of farming Dawning Spirit, it looks like the Destiny 2 community will miss out on the final gifts in the community quest.

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