Destiny 2 Crossplay release date LIVE with Bungie Name Change system

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The latest Destiny 2 update has brought new content, features and crossplay to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Some parts of the game remain limited to console vs console and PC vs PC, but Bungie has added plenty of ways for gamers to join together across platforms.

Destiny 2 Season 15 is the first to support cross-play to its fullest, and Guardians will need to start the process by choosing their Bungie Name.

When players log in for the first time to play Season of the Lost, the name on whatever platform they log in on will become their Bungie Name for when Cross Play goes live.

And here’s a rundown of everything you should know regarding the new Bungie Name system:

The display name of the first platform that players log in with to play Destiny 2 beginning at 10 AM PDT on August 24, 2021, will become the player’s Bungie Name.

Platform ID numbers, non-standard characters, and symbols will be removed and excluded.

If a name violates our Code of Conduct, it will be changed to “Guardian.”

For Steam players: your Steam profile name, not your Steam account name, will become your Bungie Name.

A name can be up to 26 characters in length, and Cyrillic characters are supported in each language that Destiny 2 supports.

The following languages are also supported: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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According to the development team, Guardians using the Destiny 2 Bungie Name Change are not able to change their name.

Name changes won’t be available until a later update, meaning you will need to wait if you have run into issues today.

It’s unclear how the new system will work as it has yet to arrive, meaning there could be charges put in place for multiple name changes.

The other thing to note is that while Destiny 2 Crossplay is now in effect, there are some limitations.

This includes competitive modes keeping Guardians in the same player pools unless they are in a mixed Fireteam.

So if you’re joining PvP by yourself, you will stay with PC players, or with console players, which removes the issue of keyboard vis controller.

However, if you join a Fireteam with a PC player included, you will be put against other PC players in matchmaking.

More news regarding the Friends system and other crossplay features can be found in the patch notes below:

Cross Play 

  • Bungie Name 

    • Bungie Name replaces platform name: On log-in, player’s Bungie Name will be set, based on the name they’re using on the system they first log-in on. 

    • A player’s platform name is displayed in the player nameplate tooltip. 

  • Bungie Friends 

    • A Bungie Friends list has been introduced to help bridge the gap across platforms. 

  • Blocking Players 

    • An action is available when interacting with other players to block them and limit their ability to interact with you within Destiny 2. 

    • Blocking within Destiny 2 only blocks in-game communications. 

    • Please use the helpful popup or view Bungie Help articles for additional steps to take to block players from interacting with you outside the game. 

  • Roster 

    • A player’s platform is displayed beside their Bungie Name on the Roster. 

    • Bungie Friends have a watermark behind their Bungie name on the Roster. 

  • Player Details Screen 

    • A player’s Cross Save-linked platform names are shown when viewing their player details screen. 

  • Filter by Platform screen. 

    • A dedicated tab has been added to the Roster to filter connections down to your shared platform family. 

  • Invite Management Screen 

    • A dedicated tab has been added to the Roster to view incoming Fireteam invites, Bungie Friend requests, and Clan invites. 

  • Social Preferences Screen 

    • A dedicated tab has been added to the Roster to house multiple settings related to who can join your Fireteam, send you Fireteam invites, or send you Bungie Friend requests. 

  • Friend Search 

    • A section has been added to the Invite management screen for Friend search. 

    • Players can now search for Friends using their full Bungie Name ID. 

    • Friendly players’ full Bungie Name and platform is displayed in their waypoints on Interact. 

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