Cyberpunk 2077 will not be delayed second time CD Projekt assures fans

Developer CD Projekt has switched to working at home, in an attempt to avoid the coronavirus and any more delays.

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting everyone, and every business differently, but the irony for the video games industry is that they already had a swathe of delays before it started.

Amongst them was Cyberpunk 2077, which should’ve been out next month but isn’t now due until 17 September. But those worried about a second delay will be relieved to know that CD Project isn’t expecting one.

So while Netflix may have stopped making The Witcher TV show because of the coronavirus, CD Projekt seems confident there won’t be another delay for Cyberpunk 2077.

Their reason for the first delay was, as usual for gaming, a little vague but basically amounted to needing more time to polish, as the game was already functionally complete – which will also help ensure that the coronavirus won’t slow things down.

Many other games companies are taking a similar approach, with Rockstar Games, Bungie, EA, and Microsoft amongst those that have switched to working at home.

That doesn’t mean that there’ll be no delays resulting from the coronavirus, but overall video games should be far less affected than the movie or TV industries.

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