Curatours Brings Free Virtual Exhibitions To Oculus Quest

Virtual exhibition platform, Curatours, is now available on Oculus Quest via App Lab and PC, and it’s launched its first destination, too.

The platform, which was revealed in late 2020 and created by Spaceteam VR developer, Cooperative Innovations, today introduced the Museum of Plastic 2121. As the name suggests, the exhibition envisions a future 100 years from now in which humanity has resolved the climate issues it faces today. The only single-use plastic left in the world is used within the museum. Check out a teaser trailer below.

Curatours – Museum Of Plastic 2121 Trailer

The museum’s aim is to create a positive outlook for the future whilst informing visitors about what needs to change and how they can play a part. It was created in a collaboration with South African activist group, Greenpop, and Baz-Art, an artist collective that helped create murals and 3D paintings for the exhibit. Around the site you’ll find information points to read more and other media drops. You can explore the exhibit with friends, and new wings of the museum are expected to open every Thursday of November 2021.

You can download Curatours for free on App Lab and SteamVR. The platform also offers live tour guides and other elements. Expect to see other museums and exhibits open in the future.

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