Cuphead: How To Beat Djimmi The Great

Cuphead is an experience unlike any other in gaming. Studio MDHR’s indie darling is as beautiful as it is difficult. Players will have to master tight controls to overcome the game’s seemingly insurmountable bosses. Inkwell Isle One may have seemed tough but was ultimately an introduction to the game’s mechanics. Inkwell Isle Two is where the real challenge begins.

One of the first bosses Cuphead will face on this island is Djimmi The Great. This genie uses his mystical abilities to overwhelm players in an aerial battle. It’ll take careful planning, patience, and an understanding of the mechanics to overcome this enemy. Follow along with our guide to learn the ins and outs of this nefarious magic-user.


Before going into the fight with Djimmi, Cuphead can stop and talk to Canteen Hughes once more. He’s standing right outside the tent to the left of the pyramid. After a brief conversation, the airplane mechanic will outfit Cuphead’s vehicle with Bombs. This new weapon will be key in the fight against Djimmi.

Make sure Cuphead has the Smoke Bomb ability equipped too. This grants him brief invincibility each time he shrinks in his plane. Once these preparations are complete, you’re ready to face Djimmi.

Phase One

In Djimmi’s first phase, he’ll only use a few moves. His Skull Shot launches a flaming skull across the screen to crush Cuphead from afar. Djimmi’s other ability offers several different randomized effects. A Challenger’s Chest will call forth one of three item types to attack Cuphead during this phase. Be sure to read up on each of the variations before moving forward.

Floating Swords

One weapon that emerges from A Challenger’s Chest is a set of Floating Swords. These scimitars will rise and seek out the edges screen before returning down, homing in on Cuphead. Quickly dodging these blades is enough to avoid being skewered. Each time the chest opens during this phase, there will be a pink blade that players can parry, so try to parry it and fill your EX Gauge.


One of the other options afforded to the mystical chest, the Jewels, fly out of their case seeking Cuphead aggressively. Because the gems are so bountiful, it can be difficult to evade them. Make sure to take advantage of the plane’s ability to shrink. It’ll help Cuphead squeeze through tight spots and avoid damage. Keep your eyes open for pink gems, as these can be parried as well. Try to fire as often as possible throughout this phase to bring it to an end quickly.

Cat Sarcophagi

Phase One’s final option unleashes several Cat Sarcophagi; each releases three smaller cats that chase Cuphead down. Keep moving to avoid being boxed in, parrying the pink cats that come from the coffins to build up your EX Gauge. Keep firing on Djimmi, and he’ll eventually shift to the next phase.

Phase Two

After Cuphead makes his way through phase one, he’ll have to take on Djmmi’s second form. Here, Djimmi will transform into sentient pillars that block Cuphead’s path. Seek out the pillar with a face in each column and shoot it to create a path forward. Make sure to shrink to avoid the spinning blades in between the pillars. Be advised that shooting while smaller will make destroying the faces take longer. Try to shoot them while regular-sized, then shrink to pass through the holes. Once Cuphead navigates this maze, he’ll move on to Phase Three.

Phase Three

In Djimmi’s Third Phase, he’ll emerge from a sarcophagus as a gelatinous mass. This phase is where the bombs will come in handy. Swap over to your new weapon and head to the top of the screen. Bombard Djimmi, watching out for his Dummy Mummy minions.

These enemies will constantly crawl out of the Sarcophagus, flying forward in a straight line. They can be destroyed, but your effort is better spent focusing on Djimmi. Watch out for his Eyeball Mishap, a move that fires several small planets. These planets will loop in and out, forming figure-eights. When Djimmi’s eyes close, he’s getting ready to use this move. Do your best to stay away from these planets and mummies while you attack. When the Sarcophagus closes and Djimmi retreats, Phase Four is about to begin.

Phase Four

Djimmi will take his original form briefly before he brings forth a marionette known as Puphead. Puphead will dance around the stage eerily, so stay back and unload on him from a distance. Eventually, he’ll use his mimic Peashooter to fire giant bullets at Cuphead. Evade these until you see a pink bullet, and parry it to boost your EX Gauge.

On top of this, Djimmi’s Turban will stay on the field and launch bullets in a circle around it with Turban Action, making the stage feel claustrophobic. This is a great time to use your Super to expedite this phase and avoid taking damage. Fly your plane’s bomb super into Puphead, shooting him in between attacks until he slinks away, starting the Final Phase.

Final Phase

In his Final Phase, Djimmi will grow significantly and spawn in several Eye Pyramid minions that revolve around Cuphead. These pyramids will open their eyes intermittently, telegraphing their Dark Energy Beams that shoot from the top, bottom, left, and right of the pyramid in question. Look out for these attacks, as each of the eye pyramids can enact this attack.

Djimmi himself can use the Gem Beam, an attack that launches a psychic blast from the gem in his turban towards Cuphead. This move has several target beams that spawn before it actually attacks. Keep an eye on where the beam is going and hop out of the way before it has a chance to strike Cuphead. Use the plane’s primary fire option to wear Djimmi down while keeping all previous pieces of information in mind. Eventually, Djimmi will collapse under the pressure and relinquish his soul contract to our porcelain protagonist.

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