Cozy Grove Fishing Guide

Cozy Grove is a beautiful little life-sim game by Spry Fox where players become a Spirit Scout who is sent to a mysterious island. On the island of Cozy Grove, you’ll meet spectral bear characters in need of help, and with the aid of your campfire companion Flamey, you can aim to restore a little life and color to the island.

The game offers a variety of popular life-sim features, such as gathering, crafting, quests, and more. One aspect of gathering is fishing, something you will be doing a lot of as you’ll need the items for quests and crafting. Here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Cozy Grove.

Where to Get the Fishing Rod in Cozy Grove

Before you can start fishing, you first need to get the fishing rod tool. You can purchase the Fishing Rod from Mr. Kit’s shop, which opens up after your first couple of complete quests (for Charlotte Pine and Jeremy Gruffle).

The third bear character that you unlock, Captain Snout, will actually direct you to get a fishing rod as part of his first quest.

How to Fish

Fishing is one of only a couple of gathering methods that actually requires you to have the tool in your hand to do so (the other being dowsing). Fishing is fairly straightforward and will be familiar to anyone who has played Animal Crossing.

Fishing Basics

  • Have the fishing rod equipped in your hand.
  • Cast your line out, choosing the direction and how far out to send it.
  • Wait for a fish to bite properly (lure goes beneath the water), then reel it in.

If you don’t have room for whatever you catch in your inventory, it will drop to the ground instead. You can then go and empty some of your inventory and then return to collect your item.

While fish shadows respawn throughout the day, eventually you will reach your daily limit and they will stop respawning until 5 am the next day.

Different Types of Fishing

While at first, you will only be able to reel in a couple of different types of fish, as you progress through the game, and as the seasons also change, more varieties will become available to you. Additionally, fish shadows will begin to act in a more varied manner.

  • Normal Fish Shadow: Will become aware of your lure nearby and head towards it.
  • Slippery Fish Shadow: Looks the same as normal fish shadows, but you have to get your lure directly in front of the fish in order to attract its attention.
  • Skinny Fish Shadow: Will swim away if you cast the lure too close to them as it scares them. Aim for a little bit in front of their face in order to catch them.
  • Perfectly Round Shadow: Similiar to the slippery fish in that you must get the lure directly in front of it. Commonly contains an essence item.

Some fish will rush towards the lure and bite immediately, so be ready to reel in your catch whenever you get a bite.

What Can I Get From Fishing?

You can get a few different items from fishing, but naturally, the main thing you’ll obtain are various kinds of fish. As previously mentioned, the range of fish expands as you progress and depending on the time of year in which you play.

Fish are categorized into different sizes and have different rarities. They are used to create charred fish bones from Flamey, are used in quests, and can also be donated to Captain Snout’s collection. You can also fish up new crafting recipes and different kinds of essence items if you are lucky.

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