CD Projekt Red Reveals Changes Coming To Cyberpunk 2077 With Patch 1.2

CD Projekt Red has released a list of all the changes that will be coming to Cyberpunk 2077 with Patch 1.2. While no launch date has been mentioned, the patch notes are understandably long, and feature over 500 changes and fixes spread over gameplay, quests, open world, cinematic design, environment and levels, graphics and audio, UI, and stability.

In an earlier sneak peak for the patch, CD Projekt Red had revealed that the Night City Police Department officers will no longer ambush players by spawning behind them. It also mentioned that changes would be made to the game’s driving mechanics and dodging system.

In terms of gameplay, the developer has increased the spawn radius for the NCPD for when a player commits a crime. Additionally, the driving mechanics have been reworked with a new vehicle steering sensitivity slider in the options menu. Adjustments have been made to the vehicle steering code to work better in low and extreme high frame rate situations. Additionally, a rocking feature has also been added to get your vehicle out after being stuck.

Additional gameplay changes include fixing disappearing crosshairs, adjusting helicopter turret fire rates, despawning police vehicles, addressing Projectile Launch System cooldown issues, and wrong voiceline issues among others.

In terms of quests, CD Projekt Red has tried to address as many game breaking bugs as possible. For instance, “Posters in Stadium Love can no longer be destroyed before the contest (which could lead to blocked progression).” Other such changes include issues with drawing weapons in The Hunt, holocalls continuing into mission cutscenes, and not receiving calls needed for the mission to progress.

The open world is where Cyberpunk 2077’s bugs really shine. The devs have tried to address most of them, so that should mean less memes. A lot of these fixes revolve around interactable items and NPCs; these would not work as intended and even block progression at some points. Additionally, these fixes also address the annoying issue of progression breaking if you’ve looted/killed/interacted with the required object or person beforehand. It also looks like Night City residents will now react appropriately on the road – by running in panic when hit by a car, and not blocking the lane in fear.

The cinematic design of Cyberpunk 2077 is also one of the major hotspots for bugs. Changes in this section prevent NPCs from walking on air, fix camera issues at certain points, remove guns sticking out of NPCs’ hands, and fixed t-posing issues. A recurring issue in this section is also desynchronized animations, a lot of fixes have been made in that department as well. Also, in a very vague update, CD Projekt Red has also “Fixed multiple issues during sex scenes”.

Moving on to the environment and level design, a lot of changes have been made to prevent V, as well as objectives, from getting stuck in various places. Vehicle and NPC clipping has also been addressed. Also in terms of vehicles, V will now rest his hands properly on the steering wheel and lean out of a vehicle correctly during chases.

The UI fixes are mostly to do with adding missing prompts and fixing existing ones. Map icons, language layouts, grenade icons, and menu options have been worked on. The developer has improved stability and performance of the engine and the rendering engine to reduce random crashes. Memory optimization and memory management improvements have also been made for the same reason.

The miscellaneous fixes include things like, “Fixed incorrect censorship when playing a copy of the game from a region other than Japan while the console region is set to Japan or language to Japanese.” A number of PC and console specific changes and improvements have also been listed out.

Check out the full patch notes if you really want to get into each and every change made in the exhaustive list.

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