Call of Duty Warzone is a massive success and the Modern Warfare downloads prove it

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gamers and F2P COD fans are enjoying the new Warzone Battle Royale experience in droves. Activision officially confirmed on March 13, 2020, that COD Warzone had passed 15 million players. No data on which platforms were proving the most popular was shared, but it appears that the new Modern Warfare experience is now breaking some big records.

According to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, this puts COD Warzone ahead of Apex Legends and Fortnite Battle Royale.

And what makes that even more impressive is that Apex Legends held the record for the fastest-growing non-mobile game ever back in 2019.

Providing more context on the subject, Ahmad confirmed on Twitter: “Apex Legends was EA’s fastest-growing game and it was the fastest-growing non-mobile title ever.

“Call of Duty Warzone is now beating that. F2P + Cross-Play is a winning formula to reach a much larger audience than traditional non-mobile games have in the past.

“Fortnite BR was able to reach 50m players prior to its mobile release and is now over 300m thanks to mobile.

“PUBG sold over 50m on console and PC and has been downloaded over 600m times when incl. mobile.

“Apex Legends has already hit 70m with a mobile ver. coming soon.”


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While this new record will be much cherished by Activision, this latest success makes a lot of sense when you take in its unique launch setting.

Piggy-backing off one of the biggest game releases of 2019, Call of Duty Warzone was shipped as part of a free update for Modern Warfare.

This provides a ready market of gamers who have instant access, while adding in the F2P client provides an even wider net.

And as pointed out by CCN, Call of Duty is one of the most famous video game franchises in the world and the launch of a new free product will certainly create hype.

Pair that with Activision’s big marketing campaign for both Modern Warfare and Warzone Battle Royale, and you have a winning formula for early success.

Activision has also put together a package that can appeal to both MW veterans and newcomers.

If you own Modern Warfare, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with having a roster of levelled up weapons and perfected weapons.

And if you’re new to the game, you can still pick up plenty of free stuff and join in on the new COD experience without having to spend a penny.

A message from Activision adds: “Anyone who is new to the Warzone experience, but doesn’t own the full version of Modern Warfare can pick up three Operators, if they don’t already own them, in one of the factions, such as Demon Dogs or Jackals, in the all-new Operator Packs.

“For an owner of the full version of Modern Warfare, these packs include a new skin for each base Operator within a faction, plus a watch, a calling card, and an emblem.

“Any time you unlock an Operator skin, you unlock the Operator if they aren’t already owned. The Games Blog details information on how players can get these bundles here.”

Analysts will be watching carefully to see if Warzone can continue to build a fanbase that will stay solid, even after gamers move on from Modern Warfare.

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