Call Of Duty: Warzone fans demand an end to PC cross-play

Fan anger over cheating in Call Of Duty continues to grow, with many now calling for the removal of the PC cross-play option.

Go back five years or so and it was impossible to play online with anyone that owned anything other than the exact same format as you. Since then, cross-play between consoles has been widely welcomed but there’s always been concern over console and PC players mixing, and many Call Of Duty fans now believe things are getting out of control.

When cross-play with PC gamers was first introduced the main worry was the unfair advantage they had using a mouse and keyboard, but nowadays the primary concern is cheating – which is much easier to do on a PC compared to a console.

There are now calls for a console-only cross-play option, with one popular Reddit thread claiming that Warzone is now ‘literally unplayable’ and demanding immediate change from Activision and its developers.

‘Every other game is just infested with cheaters, both obvious and people trying to hide it’, complains Redditor Sec0nd. ‘We’ve seen moments in Warzone where cheating was rampant, but this time it feels like we’re just outnumbered.’

‘I’ve pretty much played the game daily since launch, yet now I’m looking to play something else until it’s fixed’, they add.

The comments have clearly hit a nerve, with almost everyone agreeing that something needs to be done, with fan xxILL_ADVISEDxx admitting, ‘I f***ing hate having to play against PC players’.

‘Considering just how many insane advantages PC has (overlays, VPNs, filters, double/triple FPS at higher resolution, higher FOV [field of view], faster response time, custom installs) having console-only Warzone feels like the most fair option’, says -3055-.

‘Call me whatever you want but if the next COD has forced cross-play on Xbox I’m just moving on. We have other games to play, I’m done playing against TTV [Twitch.TV] b***h with 120 FOV with walls and aimbot, while I’m just chilling with a f***ing controller’, adds SarumanTheSack.

Currently there is no option to disable cross-play on Xbox (you can do it, but only via the dashboard and not the game itself) and the PlayStation only has a simple on/off toggle, when many would be happy to continue with cross-play between consoles.

Cheating is possible on consoles, and becoming more widespread, but it’s generally much more difficult to set-up than on a PC and requires additional hardware.

The downside of creating a no-PC cross-play option is that the pool of available players for PC gamers would instantly shrink, spoiling the game for legitimate fans.

That’s a moot point at the moment though, as Activision gas given no indication that they’re planning such a feature. Although that may change if fans continue to campaign for it.

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