Bloodborne: How To Make An Overpowered Gunslinger

Getting through Bloodborne is no easy feat, especially for Hunters who want to use their guns above all else. When it comes down to it, Bloodborne may offer quite a number of firearms to players, but the core combat is clearly designed with melee in mind. As a result, players looking to go with Bloodtinge builds might find themselves discouraged.

While it takes some effort, it is possible to build an overpowered Gunslinger in Bloodborne. Players will need to master the mechanics better than they would if playing a traditional Hunter or Arcanists, but Gunslingers stand out as some of the most unique builds in Bloodborne. Get ready to shoot monsters from afar and pick them off from safety.

Start As A Noble Scion

Classes in Dark Souls don’t really matter when it comes to building a strong character, but the lack of stats in Bloodborne means that starting out with the right Origin is actually fairly important – especially for anyone looking to play a Bloodtinge character.

Gunslingers need high Bloodtinge to function, which means starting as a Noble Scion. Noble Scions start the game with a whopping Bloodtinge of 14. Coupled with the 13 Skill out the gate, Noble Scion is essentially the perfect Origin for anyone who wants to shoot their way through Yharnam.

Level Bloodtinge

With that in mind, Bloodtinge will be a player’s most useful stat in the long run. Bloodtinge raises damage done by most firearms along with buffing a few key Trick Weapons. Leveling up Bloodtinge will start to yield diminishing returns starting at 25, but the stat doesn’t hit its soft cap until 50. Realistically, Hunters should be expected to level Bloodtinge all the way up to 50 and ideally long before they get to Castle Cainhurst.

Raise Skill

Skill more or less replaces Dexterity from Dark Souls functionally, but it’s a common mistake to brush off the stat as just an alternative version of Strength. Skill has its own unique scaling that pairs incredibly with Gunslingers. Not only does Skill increase Trick Weapon damage, it massively raises the damage output of Visceral Attacks.

Since Gunslingers should be parrying bosses and enemies with their firearms, Visceral Attacks will naturally play a key role in the gameplay loop. Like Bloodtinge, Skill starts seeing diminishing returns at 25 before hitting its soft cap at 50. For anyone mainly raising Skill for the Visceral Attack buff, make sure to stop at 50. That said, Hunters will likely need to prioritize which stats they level up.

Keep An Eye On Vitality & Endurance

The main drawback to starting as a Noble Scion is their low Vitality and Endurance. Noble Scions start out with next to no health or stamina. This makes sense considering they’re designed for long range play in mind, but the aggressive nature of Bloodborne’s combat means that most Hunters will be fighting an uphill battle early on.

For those who simply can’t get through the early game in one piece, make sure to level up Vitality and Endurance early on. Unfortunately, anyone who wants 50 Bloodtinge and high Skill will need to make sacrifices. Health, Endurance, and Skill can’t all get the same love so pick the stat that covers your weaknesses. If you take a lot of damage, raise Vitality. If you waste a lot of stamina, raise Endurance. If you’re good at parrying, raise Skill.

Start With The Threaded Cane

The Threaded Cane is really the only option Gunslingers have at the start of the game. The weapon scales nicely with Skill and well enough with Bloodtinge. Bloodborne’s gameplay demands melee combat, especially early on, and the Threaded Cane balances a mix of close quarters combat with ranged attacks that should play to a Gunslinger’s strengths. Keep in mind that the Threaded Cane should not be treated as a player’s main weapon, however, and that it’ll ultimately be replaced once reaching Cainhurst Castle.

Start With The Hunter Pistol

The Hunter Pistol is only going to get replaced like the Threaded Cane, but it’s actually far more viable. In fact, the Hunter Pistol does surprisingly high Bloodtinge damage in spite of its comparatively low scaling. There’s really nothing special to the Hunter Pistol. Simply stick with it, keep a stock of Silver Bullets, and learn how to accurately parry enemies until it’s time to grab Evelyn.

Find Evelyn

Evelyn is one of the best firearms in Bloodborne, if not outright the best for Bloodtinge builds. Evelyn can be found hidden in the Cainhurst Library by the elevator shortcut. With the highest Bloodtinge scaling for a firearm, Evelyn becomes a beast at 50 BLT. Better yet, there’s no need to aim accurately – Evelyn can be reliably spammed in even the most eager hands.

Alternatively, anyone who can’t find Evelyn inside of the Cainhurst Library can always just complete the stage as intended and join the Cainhurst Vilebloods. The reward for entering the Covenant is the Cainhurst Badge, which unlocks Evelyn for purchase in the Hunter’s Dream.

Find The Reiterpallasch

The Chikage actually pairs best with Evelyn, but no Gunslinger worth their salt is going to walk around carrying a katana. Half rapier, half gun, the Reiterpallasch is a Skill/Bloodtinge Trick Weapon with a varied move set that allows players to fight up close and from afar.

Better yet, the fact the Reiterpallasch trips into a gun allows Hunters to dual wield pistols should they please. Players can parry with their left hand while firing with the right. The Reiterpallasch is found right at the start of Castle Cainhurst where all the Bound Widows are located.

Level Strength

When it comes down to it, leveling up Strength for a Gunslinger isn’t exactly useful. There are few weapons that’ll play off Strength, Skill, and Bloodtinge to justify such a diverse range of stat. That said, that doesn’t mean these weapons don’t exist and there’s an outstanding firearm more or less designed to hand players all the Viscerals they want.

For the especially confident Hunters, feel free to ignore Vitality and Endurance as much as you can in order to raise Strength to 30. This might seem like a fool’s errand, but it pays off in spades after acquiring the Cannon.

Get The Cannon

Found inside a wooden building in the Forbidden woods, the Cannon is a supremely powerful firearm that can trigger Visceral Attacks easily while dealing heavy damage in the process. With the 30 Strength required to equip the Cannon paired with high Skill, your Visceral Attacks will obliterate most bosses in no time at all. The only downside to the Cannon is that it doesn’t scale particularly well with Bloodtinge, making the Strength investment something of a double edged sword. That said, who says a Gunslinger can’t be well rounded?

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