Black Ops Cold War Is Getting A Reveal In Warzone

A massive data mine has revealed piles of information about Black Ops Cold War and the changes to Warzone that we can expect. Black Ops is getting a live reveal in Warzone tomorrow and boy does it look like it will be a real event.

Fortnite players may be used to these kinds of teasers and events happening in-game, but this will be the first time Call of Duty players have seen anything like this. Data miners have been hard at work digging through the code of Modern Warfare to find clues to what is coming to the game over the next several weeks. They hit gold when they were able to confirm that there will be a live reveal in Warzone.

Players have found that the previously dormant TVs in Warzone are now on, but they are only showing static at the moment. However, if you couple this change with the data mining, you will see that this is part of the crossover that is happening in Warzone and Cold War. Call of Duty leakers @ModernWarzone reported that code was found that will give players rewards in Warzone for completing the Black Ops reveal event.

They think that the reward will be a calling card that you can use to flex on the multiplayer lobby. However, we don’t know exactly what the event will be, or how you can go about getting in on the action. We are fairly sure these leaks are legitimate, thanks to previous leaks that also referenced “Zeus” when referring to Cold War.

This is where the confirmed news ends and rumors begin. In that previous leak, data miners were confident that the Gulag in Verdansk would be part of the Cold War reveal. So far, that hasn’t been the case, but the evidence is mounting that the Gulag, home of “political prisoners and the very worst scourges of humanity” actually houses Frank Woods from Black Ops 1. Whether a cryptic broadcast is all that is part of the live reveal or a full-scale prison break to rescue Frank Woods is part of it, we only know one thing: we are going to be playing a lot of Warzone.

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