BioWare Teases Citadel Replica Collectible To Celebrate Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition breathed fresh life into a franchise that inspired one of the most passionate fanbases to date. While many longtime fans boarded the Normandy once more, many newcomers joined the wild ride against the Reapers for the first time. As BioWare continues to work on the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4, the studio did tease something cool for collectors. If you love collecting gaming memorabilia as I do, then this Citadel replica tease might be right up your alley. 

BioWare has partnered with many collectible companies through the years such as Gaming Heads, First 4 Figures, and Three Zero and it looks like now it is partnering up with a different company to bring the Citadel to life. For those that may need a little refresher, the Citadel is the heart of galactic society in the Mass Effect universe, a central hub that is vital to important mass relays. It is also home to Council business, a small elected group of different races meant to represent their people as a democratic voice. It also played an important role in taking down the Reapers, which makes this new collectible an interesting new addition. 

Years ago, BioWare teamed up with Dark Horse to bring a Reaper to life with a Sovereign replica and then later offered several iterations of the Normandy, Commander Shepard’s ship. As the new BioWare Store continues to beef up its wares, it looks like the heart of civilization is the next up to be detailed and ready to sit pretty within your home. There’s just one catch: we don’t know what it looks like or how much it costs. Yet. 

The studio shared a tweet from Idea Planet Launch to tease the “first-ever Citadel replica” and offer a way for interested fans to sign up for updates. For those interested, you can fill out a short form here to be updated when the full reveal takes place. If it’s like previous high-end collectibles celebrating the BioWare-verse, expect this to be in limited quantity, though we don’t have any more information than that it’s on the way at this time. To learn more, check out the official website for the new collectible right here. 

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