Battlefield 5 servers down: EA status latest following Origin and FIFA 20 outage

Battlefield 5 servers are still being reported as down by gamers tonight, following a much wider EA outage.

As confirmed earlier today by the EA support team, the Origin platform, along with games like Apex Legends and FIFA 20 ran into server troubles.

“We’re investigating the outages being experienced across our services. Thank you for your reports! We’re working on getting things back online,” a message from EA confirmed at the time.

However, while those games have slowly recovered, it appears that Battlefield 5 servers are still down.

A message from one user explains: “I bought BF5 yesterday on Xbox. Worked great last night and this morning then I tried to load into a match. After the loading screen, a black screen comes up and then a couple of minutes later it says server disconnected, saying I have network issues. I have over 200mb internet, and every other game works.

“Now after I tried everything I go and load the game and servers are now down. Makes sense. Why does every Battlefield except 4 have these issues?”

It’s unclear what has caused tonight’s issues with EA servers or how long this latest outage may last. The good news is that EA is aware of the current problems are looking to fix it.


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