Batman: Arkham Origins Mod Restores Multiplayer Mode

Modders are continuing to take it upon themselves to deliver a game to its respective community that meets all their needs. At some point in the future, it may not even matter if a game receives a poor launch, because you know modders will be on hand to pick up the slack. A recent example is the revival of Batman: Arkham Origins’ multiplayer mode, which modders have now returned to the game.

Warner Bros. Games removed Arkham Origins’ online service in late 2016, leaving many fans disheartened. Trophy hunters were also taken aback by its removal, as many still had achievements to gain. After a surge of complaints flooded the game’s Steam forums, modders got to work with a goal to reinstate multiplayer mode and right a wrong. Five years later, the mod is in full swing complete with extra perks, including the inclusion of single-player skins in challenge mode and free roam.

The multiplayer mode that fans so dearly missed allowed you to be a part of a gang war in Blackgate Prison. Featuring two teams of grunts – one deployed by Joker and the other by Bane – both teams were made up of three gang members. Each team would also be able to play Batman and Robin in turns to try and defeat the opposing gang, where victory was gained by defeating all members of the opposing villain’s team. One of your gang members had the chance to level up and become Joker or Bane, which obviously rewarded you with enhanced abilities.

Multiplayer mode was an exciting battle to be a part of, full of fast-paced action in a confined space as you did the villains’ dirty work. One fan – YouTuber Guardian of Gotham – recently posted a video captioned “Multiplayer is still alive!” and expressed their appreciation to modder Sazzouu for orchestrating the mod. The fan’s ten-minute video harnesses the thrilling endeavor of becoming Gotham’s finest criminals, whilst also getting your jollies from playing its heroes too.

As one Batman component returns, another slips from our reach as the spin-off title Gotham Knights has been delayed. The game’s Twitter page announced that it was now delayed until next year, as WB Games Montréal is focused on creating “the best possible experience for players.” Many developers are taking extra care in polishing its titles before release, in light of Cyberpunk 2077’s failed launch.

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