Baldur’s Gate 3: Explore The Ruins/Crypt Guide (Hooded Skeleton)

There are many optional side-quests and explorable areas on Baldur’s Gate 3 and it’s completely up to you and your party which ones you pursue and which ones you skip. However, the very first major sidequest you encounter is one you definitely won’t want to miss as it rewards a spectacular item and a chance encounter that can lead to very big things later on.

Entering The Chapel

The first side quest, simply called Explore The Ruins, will become available as soon as you meet Shadowheart the Cleric on the beach. Shadowheart is trying to force her way into the chapel and she wants you to help her get in. You’ll find Thieve’s Tools in a nearby barrel which you may be able to use to pick the lock, but there’s a number of pretty tough battles ahead, so it’s best to continue on for now.

Once you meet up with Astarion, Gale, and free Lae’Zel, you’ll have a lot of good options for building a team that can handle the threats lurking in the chapel. It’s a good idea to bring Shadowheart with you if you don’t have a cleric in your party and Lae’Zel if you don’t have another fighter that can tank.

From where Lae’Zel was rescued, head east and you’ll immediately discover the chapel again, only now you will be above it a ruined area guarded by four treasure hunters. Kill them, and you’ll see a suspended object you can shoot down that will create a hole in the roof of the Chapel.

Finding The Crypt

As soon as you open the door to the next room a fight will start. You can dip your weapons in the candles to ignite them and shoot the barrels in the next room to cause a massive explosion; this should kill at least a couple of the treasure hunters inside. Once you clear them up, head all the way to the left side and you’ll find a button again the wall that opens the door to the next room.

Now you can head back to the right and kill the last treasure hunter in the right-side room by himself if you’d like. He has a key that will unlock the door that leads back out to the roof of the chapel. Otherwise, head through the door on the opposite side of the room you entered from and enter the crypt.

Exploring The Crypt

There are two directions you can go from here. To the right is the entrance to the chapel (where you first met Shadowheart), but you’ll have to go through a booby-trapped room to get out. Your character with the highest perception may detect vents on the floor as you move through the room. You can use the random vases around the room to cover up the vents. After you cover all of them up, you can open the sarcophagus in the middle of the room to find a key. Doing this will cause fireballs to start flying across the room. Any vents you didn’t cover up will fill the area with flammable grease. Take the key and carefully head back out of the room. Unlock the door and enter the crypt.

You’ll find 5 bodies scattered around the crypt and it’s a good idea to loot all of them. You’ll find knives on most of them and one of them will have a two-handed axe. In the back of the room, past the statue, you’ll find two sets of stairs. The left staircase will lead to a dead-end, but a party member with decent perception should be able to detect a button hidden on the wall. Hitting the button will open up a secret chamber, but it will also cause the 5 dead bodies to get up and attack you.

Luckily, you stole all their weapons, so the fight shouldn’t be too much trouble. The mages will try to surround your team and fight from the high ground that encircles the large empty space in the middle of the room, so try to deal with them quickly and don’t cluster up or your whole party will take splash damage from their fireball attacks.

Once you’ve killed all 5, you can head back to the secret room and claim your prizes.

The Hooded Skeleton

In one of the chests in the secret room, you’ll find the Amulet of Lost Voices, a rare item that gives the wearer the ability to talk to the dead.

Open the sarcophagus and the Hooded Skeleton will rise from it, say some cryptic things, and then ask a question: What is the worth of a single mortal life?

If you answer either “No one’s life is worth more than any other” or “Each life is of infinite value and merits sacrificing everything for” the Hooded Skeleton will tell you he is satisfied and end the conversation.

Later on, he can be found back at your camp and he will offer to resurrect and dead party member for 200 gold.

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