Artificial Intelligence Games Creation Platform Ludo Announces Open Beta For Developers

Ludo AI recently announced the open beta phase for its AI-powered games idea and creation platform, Ludo. Video game developers can now apply for access to the world’s first AI games ideation tool. The Ludo Open Beta phase is currently set to last for a limited time, and offers a two-week free trial. You can add your name to the waiting list over on the Join the Open Beta page of the Ludo AI website.

What is Ludo, you ask? According to the open beta blog post announcement, Ludo (Latin for ‘I Play’) is an Artificial Intelligence games creativity platform that “uses machine learning and natural language processing to develop game concepts 24 hours a day.” Ludo has a database of “close to a million games”, which developers can access when they want to find a new and perhaps unused idea for a video game. By querying the massive database with a few intuitive keywords, “Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images” they can then use to develop their next video game concept on.

“Creativity is the new currency in the games industry,” said Tom Pigott, CEO of JetPlay, Ludo’s creator. “The next hit game could be worth millions and you never know where it will spring up from. With Ludo anyone can come up with a great new game idea without having to waste hours on the process and then invest even more time in researching what is already out there and how successful any similar games have been. Ludo does it all for you: Ludo brings the playfulness back into the game creation process, increases the probability of coming up with a great new game and saves time and money.”

Ludo essentially democratizes and helps streamline the game idea creation process for new and indie video game devs, and also helps them compete with the triple-A studios on a more level playing field. Games ideation is a process that can take days, weeks, and months to complete, even for studios with numerous employees. Ludo revolutionizes this process by supplying game devs “with unique games concepts within minutes of their request being processed.”

“We’ve been extremely pleased by the feedback and the usage of our platform by the game makers that were part of the closed beta,” said Pigott. “AI, when used as part of the creative process, delivers great results. It is easy to use, working intuitively with keyword searches, and those involved in our closed beta have already proved that amazing things can be done, and all without detracting from their development or marketing time. Very soon Ludo will become an integral part of every studio’s games ideation process.”

The Ludo platform was imagined and developed by Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play and “a small outstanding global team of AI Ph.D.’s”. The limited-time open beta phase “follows a highly successful closed program that saw a select group of studios harness the creative power of AI.” As stated in the blog post announcement, the open beta is offering video game devs the opportunity “to enjoy all the benefits of early adoption” through a two-week free trial. With the video game industry’s massive growth over the past few years, and with it estimated to be worth around $200 billion by 2023, it seems there’s no time to waste on sparking the next great video game idea and putting it into development as quickly as you can, and Ludo seems to be a great way to do that.

For more info on Ludo, check out the website, follow Pigott’s Twitter channel, and plug into the Ludo Discord channel.

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