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One of the best-kept secrets in the Genesis Part 2 DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved is the Net Gun. It is more powerful than the Harpoon Launcher, but it is difficult to acquire this new weapon that is perfect for taming. You will have to put in quite a bit of time before it will become available to you, although if you play your cards right you might be able to acquire it early on.

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There are so many creatures that are difficult to tame and this weapon can make that task a breeze. Never again will you have to go without a creature because of its size or aggression as the Net Gun will make it easy to add them all to your collection in Ark: Survival Evolved.

How To Get The Net Gun

There are two different methods that you can use to add the Net Gun to your inventory. The first method requires time and patience, like when you tame a Noglin, while the second method could give you this item earlier than expected.

The methods to acquire this weapon are as follows:

  • Reach Level 43
  • Buy Loot Crates

Reach Level 43 And Buy The Engram

The Net Gun can be unlocked at Level 43 by spending 104 Engram points, so it can take quite a bit of time before you reach this point. However, this does give you the ability to craft this weapon whenever you need and it will be well worth the wait.

The resources you need in order to craft it include:

  • 180x Fiber
  • 12x Metal Ingot
  • 4x Polymer

Buy A Bunch Of Loot Crates And Open Them

Loot crates can be bought by using the Hexagons you earn by completing various missions. The first step is to buy several of these, and you can settle on the Tier 2 loot crates for 20,000 Hexagons each.

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Some don’t think it is worth the high price to invest in these for a simple weapon, but others see the value in its power. You will eventually come across the Net Gun and once you find it there is nothing else you need to do other than equip it to your Hotbar and begin using it right away on that Maewing you have been eyeing.

It will also provide you with an assortment of Netgun Ammo that must be loaded into the weapon in order for it to be effective.

What Does It Do?

The Net Gun, also known as the Ascendant Net Gun, is basically the Harpoon Launcher but on steroids. It can take down massive creatures with a single net, including the new ones added in Genesis Part 2, which can make taming these giant beasts a breeze.

One net will cover an entire Brontosaurus and knock it to the ground where it will remain pinned for a certain period of time. You can even repair this weapon by using a Fabricator so you never have to go without one ever again.

The weapon stats show that it has a durability of 121 and it deals 255.6 percent weapon damage. Those are some incredible numbers that go to show why this has become such a big deal.

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