Apex Legends Skins for System Override Event

The Apex Legends System Override event is now just a few short hours away, and that means there’s not long to wait until players can experience a whole load of new content for the game.

For anyone who missed the news of late, there’s a bew Limited Time Mode, known as Deja Loot, a new equipment type with the Evo Shield, two Legendary Weapon skins and so much more.

But best of all, there’s also a flurry of new event skins to get your hands on and they look like some of the best yet.

These will be part of the 24 Event Limited premium cosmetics available directly or through System Override Event Packs.

But whilst we have a few hours to go until the release of the new event, there’s only one thing to do. Well, two things to do actually – if you count looking over the new Apex Legend Update Patch Notes to check for Buffs and nerfs.

So with a few hours to go, why not take a look at the below gallery and decide which skin is your favourite and which you want to try and get your hands on first.

From what we’ve seen, there’s a new skin for the following characters (where possible we’ve tried to include the name of the skin, but not all have been named so far).

  • Revenant Killswitch Skin (rare)
  • Bloodhound Skin
  • Pathfinder Plastic Fantastic Legendary Skin
  • Bangalore Skin
  • Mirage Skin
  • Crypto Skin
  • Caustic Skin
  • Gibraltar Gibraltron Legendary Skin
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