Apex Legends Player Does A Superhero Landing With A Wraith Emote

Combining the Acrobat emote with a high ledge, one Reddit user managed to pull off a superhero landing with Apex Legends’ Wraith, all while showing off with various spins mid-air.

This legendary emote was used right before they made the leap, cultivating in an agile and elegant display of tricks that would no doubt score them a wealth of points if this were Trials, but alas, this is Apex, so what they got was a punchy landing on the ground.

Apex Legends has no fall damage so you really can leap from tall ledges like you’re Gina Carano in Deadpool, somehow not ruining her knees in the process. That being said, maybe don’t leap off the edge of maps where you’re suspended in the sky – even the legends can’t take that much height.

As for how to replicate this – if you want to show off your snazzy moves in front of friends for whatever reason – you have to hold down the jump button, pull up the emote menu while continuing to hold down the jump button, pick your emote of choice, and voila.

That being said, perhaps don’t do this in the heat of a fight. By the time the animation wraps up, you’ll be in the open, hung out to dry, a bright target raring to be shot at by all the other players trying to score that #1 spot.

With the poster using Wraith to pull this off, it sparked some fun-spirited jabs, with one person saying, “This is what Wraith mains think they look like when they split off from the team, dropping directly onto an enemy squad.” Maybe it’d be best not to do that unless you’ve got some elaborate trick up your sleeve like this emote which will dazzle them into submission.

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