Animal Crossing: New Horizons has free gifts if you link it with Pocket Camp

Even if you’ve never played it properly you can get a set of instant free gifts from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that work in New Horizons.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out today and it looks destined for huge success, given it seems almost purpose built to be the ultimate antidote to self-isolation blues.

But there is also a mobile version of Animal Crossing, called Pocket Camp, and surprisingly it’s never been that big a hit. Although perhaps that’s for the best given how full of microtransactions it is.

But there is something that Pocket Camp is good for: getting you some exclusive goodies you can transfer over into New Horizons.

To get your freebies all you have to do is download the app and sign-in with your Nintendo Account (if you don’t have one then you can create one here). Then select the My Nintendo option from the main in-game menu – the little square grid in the bottom right hand corner.

Then just pick ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Order Ticket’ bonus and redeem it for free. This will give you an eShop code that you can enter on your Switch, and which downloads a small update for New Horizons.

Now start new Horizons as usual and pop along to Tom Nook’s tent and use the kiosk. Select the Nook Shopping option and click Special Goods, and you’ll see there’s a whole other section at the top called ‘Promotion’ (just press the shoulder button to get to it).

This offers a whole host of exclusive items to buy, including a fruit machine, fortune-cookie cart, and some unique clothing.

You will have to pay for them using bells, so technically they’re not freebies, but you don’t have to pay any real money for them and they can only get them at all if you use the code from Pocket Camp.

Like any purchase from the kiosk the items will be posted to you, so you’ll have to wait till they turn up at your mailbox.

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