Amazon Luna Invites Have Started Going Out

As of today, Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service is in operation, if only for a select group of users. People who signed up for the service’s early access period have started receiving invitations to join, which includes signing up for a $6 monthly subscription as well as an invite to buy Amazon’s $50 Luna Controller.

Amazon is the latest big company to get in on cloud gaming, with others including Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Sony already in on the action. Announced just under a month ago, invites have started going out to people in the US who signed up for early access–which you can still do here if you’re curious.

Users who sign up for the early access program will get a 7-day free trial, after which they’ll have to pay a beta price of $6 per month, which will presumably increase when Luna+ enters full release. Amazon also sent out a link to the Luna Controller, which currently can only be bought by people signed up for Luna+. The controller also has an early access discount, currently retailing at $50 while its full price will eventually increase to $70.

Amazon Luna is currently compatible with PC, Mac, and Fire TV, as well as being the first game streaming service officially available on iOS for iPhone and iPad. While there’s no Android support yet, its compatibility with iOS devices might just give it a leg up on the competition, who thus far have been hindered by Apple’s restrictive rules for the App Store.

The early access subscription includes a pretty decent selection of 50 games including the critically acclaimed Control, which are able to be streamed at up to 1080p at 60fps.

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