Amazon Games Is Bringing Lost Ark To The West This Fall

Lost Ark is coming to the West this fall courtesy of Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG. The MMORPG originally released in Korea in 2018 and looks akin to an action/RPG like Diablo. 

“A Lost Ark is not but a myth. A relic from the half-remembered Chain War but now our world has been torn once again. The demons have returned,” booms a gravelly narrator to open the trailer. The isometric action is fast-paced, showing off a couple of distinct classes. An agile rogue and a warrior wielding a huge blade are shown fighting mechanical beasts and large golems.

Taking place in a fantasy world, Lost Ark is packed with magic, dragons, and other mythical creatures. The environments shown included ruins filled with ancient technology, a seaside area complete with monsters submerged in the waters, and massive battlefields with hordes of demons. 

We’ll see more in the coming months as Lost Ark makes its debut later this year.

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