All The Ways To Obtain A Keycard In Desperate Measures, Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Call of Duty Cold War‘s campaign takes places on a journey across the globe in 1981 as a group of CIA operatives tasked with stopping the Soviet known only as Perseus from using a nuclear device. During the campaign, he has a list of potential sleeper agents which is hidden deep in a vault in the Lubyanka Building in Moscow. The only way to get into it is with a keycard that CIA double agent Dimitri Belikov has to recover for Adler and Bell.

This mission is more open-ended in the sense that there is more than one way to get the keycard after disabling the security cameras. Here are the different methods of obtaining a keycard in Desperate Measures. Be sure to use the map that Belikov has.

First Way: Reprogram A Keycard

Perhaps the easiest way, this can be done by first obtaining a blank keycard in the armory which is located on the northern portion of the building. There is a guard at the check-in that must be persuaded. This is best done by obtaining a cigar from the recruitment office that is on the table to the left of the room’s entrance.

Go to the check-in and talk to the guard until the cigar option shows up. Select it and he’ll let you in. Go to the back of the armory where the blank keycard can be found in the open drawer.

After that head to the administration room which is on the first door to the left past the guard. There is a locked door that can be picked open, then deal with a guard. After hiding the body, open the door in the back of the room to reach a computer where the bunker access can be copied onto the blank keycard.

Second Way: Frame Charkov

The second way involves reuniting with an old foe in Lev Kravchenko, a character original Call of Duty players will instantly recognize. Talk to him and he will reveal that they are close to revealing a traitor that is in their midst. Afterwards, Belikov can head to the basement where he can frame Charkov as the traitor.

The basement is a restricted area that is accessed by the stairwell on the eastern side of the map. Beware of guards patrolling since getting spotted will fail the mission. There is a vent that can be entered right next to the stairs leading to the basement so go through there to avoid attention.

Navigate them until you reach the communications office, sneak past the guards until you reach a computer in the back which requires solving a small puzzle to get the necessary false evidence. After that, print it out and head to the printer to retrieve the false documents. It is important to note that evidence for Operation: Red Circus can be found in this room as well.

After that, give the documents to Kravchenko and Charkov will conveniently walk past him a short time later. He will be searched and has his keycard tossed to the side. Pick it up to get the keycard for Adler and Bell.

Third Way: Convince Prisoner To Kill Charkov

On the southwestern side of the map, a prisoner named Ivanov. Talking to him will have him flat out refuse to talk but there is a way to get him to do so. Head to the records room which will have a door that needs lockpicking. Pick it then deal with the guard inside as it is a restricted area. After that, lockpick the door in the back of the room to find the information on the prisoners family.

Once that’s done, go to the interrogation room if you haven’t already. Ivanov can be convinced to kill Charkov by selecting these options.

  • “You will die here. But you can have…”
  • [Prisoner File] “I have read your file. The KGB…”
  • [Persuade] “If you help me, I can guarantee…”
  • “I need you to kill General Charkov for me…”

Saying these will get Ivanov to agree and Charkov will walk in a short time after. Charkov will interrogate Ivanov until the latter all of a sudden stabs Charkov with a pencil, fulfilling his end of the bargain. A guard will rush in and knock him. Go in and tell the guard to not let anyone in. This will give you the chance of taking the keycard off of Charkov’s body.

Fourth Way: Kill Charkov Yourself

Of course if you’re the one willing to get down and dirty, you can kill Charkov yourself and take his keycard that way. There are two different ways of killing him.

Stab Charkov

The first and simpler of the two methods is to just straight up stab him. Head into the war room outside his office on the northwestern side of the map. It requires some sneaking but sneak into his office and stab him to retrieve his keycard.

Poison Charkov

Go to the basement, across from the stairwell that leads to it is Kravchenko’s office. Head inside and there will be a locker inside containing vials of Nova 6, a chemical from the first Black Ops. The locker can be opened by inputting a code which is 16-75-60. It can be found by corresponding the chemicals that Nova 6 is made out of, that can be found on the computer in the office, and their number on the periodic table of elements on the wall in front of the computer.

After that, head to Charkov’s office again but this time talk to the receptionist outside of it. She will take you to him where he is in the middle of a phone call. The receptionist will pour tea for the two of you to enjoy. Pour the Nova 6 into your cup and switch it with the non-poisonous tea. After that, Charkov will have some tea that is truly to die for and the keycard is yours.

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