Age of Calamity: Korok Seeds Locations In Akkala Citadel Return

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  • Mission Start Korok Seed
  • Southeastern Corner Korok Seed
  • Wooden Balcony Korok Seed
  • Upper Circular Room Korok Seed
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  • Broken Bridge Korok Seed

The second time you visit Akkala Citadel in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, it's for a much more depressing reason. It's the story mission "Relentless As A Waterfall Mission." There's a lot more lava and it's much darker out, but there are still Korok Seeds that need discovering!

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There are a total of six Korok Seeds that you can find during this mission. It's a bit confusing since the quest markers toss you around a large map quite a bit. This guide will walk you through how and where to find each and every one.

Mission Start Korok Seed

From the start of the mission, turn around and head towards the only friendly outpost. In a jutting-off path beside it, near some lava, you’ll find a Korok flower.

Southeastern Corner Korok Seed

Your quest objective is in the Citadel, but your heroes will head off in various directions towards the outpost. Head into the farthest southeast corner and just below the outpost there you’ll find the Korok pinwheel! Leave that hero to take the outpost – you’ll need to, in a few moments.

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Wooden Balcony Korok Seed

Progress through the quest until you’re inside the foyer of the Akkala Citadel. This Korok Seed is in the same place as one of the ones from the first time you visited this Citadel. Head up the northern hallway from the foyer, and you’ll enter a room full of enemies and a wooden staircase. Head up the wooden staircase, where there will be a small balcony before you enter another hallway. The Korok Seed is hiding in a pinwheel.

Upper Circular Room Korok Seed

The next Korok Seed is in the circular room – you’ll need to help Mipha heal all the Hylian captains before the door into that room will open for you. When Robbie opens the door, you’ll be faced with a Malice Guardian. Before or after defeating it, run into the circular room and turn right to find a crate next to a shut door. Bust it to free the Korok!

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Lower Circular Room Korok Seed

Now, jump down to the lower part of the circular room. If you check the outer ring, you should find a glowing light on the floor where a Korok is hiding!

Broken Bridge Korok Seed

Continue to battle the enemies inside Akkala Citadel. Eventually, a cutscene will play in which the cannons fire and the bridge is destroyed. You’ll be able to jump off that bridge now, so do that. The quest marker points you towards the three malice guardians but before you head that way, turn right and check for a tree stump.

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