96% of Inteliquet™ Platform Cancer Center Users Recommend Its Software and Services

  Survey of Active Consortium Members Shows Positive Perceptions in Areas of Clinical Engagement, Training and Resources, Communication, and Software Platform

DOVER, Del–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 21, 2020–

Inteliquet, a leading provider of technology, insights and expertise for clinical research, patient treatment and translational medicine strategies, recently asked healthcare organizations within its Clinical Consortium to evaluate the performance and value of the company, its proprietary OncWeb™ software platform, and the Inteliquet Clinical Engagement Team via an online survey.

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When asked, “Would you recommend Inteliquet software and services to a colleague?” 96% of clinical research staff who use OncWeb replied yes. (Photo: Business Wire)

With an overall average score of 8 on a 10-point scale, Inteliquet ranked high in regard to clinical engagement, communication and value of software and services. When asked, “Would you recommend Inteliquet software and services to a colleague?” 96% of clinical research staff who use OncWeb replied yes.

According to Inteliquet President and Chief Operating Officer Marie E. Lamont, the survey results support what she sees as a key benefit of working with Inteliquet. “The right technology and the right people for the right purpose make the difference,” says Lamont.

Speed of Inteliquet Software: 8.3

When a Sponsor or Contract Research Organization issues a feasibility questionnaire, they generally expect a response within 48 hours. By implementing Inteliquet software and technology, healthcare-organization (HCO) staff can assess patient populations against specific parameters of a proposed trial in less time and with greater accuracy. Case in point, one of the largest community-based oncology practices in the Southwestern United States went from spending 24 hours a week on feasibility assessments and questionnaires to just 30 minutes with Inteliquet.

Overall Clinical Engagement Rating: 8.6

“Our clinical engagement experts essentially act as an extension of our customers’ healthcare teams,” Lamont explains. “They help HCO staff members that are actually using the Inteliquet software platform to get the most out of it.” Survey results support Lamont’s assertion. Inteliquet trainers earned a 9 out of 10 for their knowledge of the software, and for their ability to explain it.

Inteliquet Responsiveness: 8.9

When asked how Inteliquet might improve communication, the majority of respondents were highly satisfied. “I have always been impressed with the promptness I have received in getting answers to my questions,” replied one customer. “Communication is on point,” shared another.

Overall Value of Inteliquet Software and Services: 8.1

The combination of OncWeb clinical trial optimization software, data analytics and clinical support enables dramatic efficiencies for HCOs, reducing the time and cost involved in screening, matching, and evaluating which trials to open.

How Inteliquet helps HCOs:

  • Real patient-to-clinical-trial matching made possible by securely ingesting and normalizing EMR and healthcare data, as well as digitizing clinical trial protocols.
  • Faster, more accurate feasibility analysis of patient population data for clinical trials.
  • Clinical services and support to fast track success and optimize investments, including nightly pre-screening to continuously evaluate opportunities for patient matching to clinical trials.
  • Access to current, real-world primary data through the Inteliquet Clinical Consortium to accelerate connections between new therapies and patients who need them.

About Inteliquet

Inteliquet is a leading provider of technology, insights and expertise for clinical research, patient treatment, and translational medicine strategies. Our proprietary platform securely, accurately, and quickly aggregates and analyzes healthcare data, helping to ensure clinical trials are designed more effectively, patients are matched to trials more rapidly, and patient-care decisions are made using real-world evidence. Our team is passionate about ensuring every patient – regardless of race, geography, age, sex, economic status, or stage of disease – has access to promising therapies as soon as they become available to help improve the care they receive.

For more information about Inteliquet and the OncWeb software platform, please visit www.inteliquet.com, and follow Inteliquet on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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