7 Video Game Restaurants We Would Love To Eat At

Going out to eat is a long-held tradition for many families. Whether you're celebrating an engagement, catching up with friends, or just trying new and exotic foods, restaurants can act as a reprieve from the grind of daily life. So it only makes sense that they would play a big role in our favorite video games.

Whether you just slashed your way through a horde of zombies or robbed a bank, dining out in games is the perfect way to recharge and yes, even celebrate! You could be eating a grilled rat in an apocalyptic wasteland or enjoying a drink at the finest eatery in an underwater dystopia; you'll surely want to try out these delicious dine-in options.

7 Burger Shot – Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto's Burger Shot may take the crown when it comes to iconic video game restaurants. Whether you held up in the kitchen as you staged a last stand against the Liberty City Police Department or just stopped in to recharge, Burger Shot always had your back.

You'll find your typical fast-food fare here, with burgers, fries, and chicken taking center stage. It may not find itself on a food influencer's list of best eats in the city, but who cares? You came to kill your hunger with a delicious "Bleeder Meal," and this chain delivered the goods.

6 The Gourmand – Fallout: New Vegas

Ah, The Gourmand. Traveling through the dry wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas, you're sure to come across the remains of the West's many famous bars and restaurants. However, it's a guarantee that none do it quite like The Gourmand. Located in the Ultra-Luxe Resort, this fine dining establishment will welcome you with open arms and provide you with rare dishes you can't find elsewhere.

From the wasteland omelet to the strange meat pie, you'll be leaving with a full stomach. Just please do not ask what is in the strange meat pie. It's better this way.

5 Kashmir Restaurant – Bioshock Series

Going out to dinner should be an event. You want fancy table cloths, eclectic menus, and maybe even some live music! At least, that's what the owners of the Kashmir Restaurant in Bioshock's Rapture believed. Before the location went to ruin in Rapture's bloody civil war, it was one of the city's hottest spots.

This is where you take your friend to show them a special night on the town. Not much is known about the menu, but the atmosphere is what matters most, even if you are paying $100 for a rubber steak. Whether you visit pre- or post-civil war (we recommend the former), you are in for quite the experience.

4 Mother of Pearl – Final Fantasy 15

In case you haven't had enough of the expensive eats, the Mother of Pearl restaurant in Final Fantasy 15 is here to satisfy you. Like many Final Fantasy games, FF15 is a long, perilous journey with epic highs and lows. But without proper nutrition, Noctis and his friends would get nowhere.

Located in the gorgeous resort area of Galdin Quay, Mother of Pearl offers up delicious but expensive dishes with excellent buffs. The Steamed Crab with Rock Salt is a standout here, offering immunity to fire, ice, and lightning damage while providing you a taste of the nearby ocean.

3 Milk Bar/Latte – The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Nice restaurants are one thing. But an expensive menu only goes so far when you want to truly flaunt your status. That's where Milk Bar comes in. A staple of the Legend of Zelda series, this iteration in Majora's Mask is as exclusive as it gets. Only open at night, this bar and concert venue is members-only.

To get into the bar, you'll need to obtain Romani's Mask from one of the game's many side quests. Two drinks are offered here: Regular milk and Chateau Romani, otherwise known as Vintage Milk. Produced by the best cows Romani Ranch has to offer, this milk will refill Link's Life and Magic meters. If you can find your way into Milk Bar, be sure to treat yourself to this special milk.

2 Quinkie's – Watch Dogs Series

So you want a fast-food burger, but you need a place for you and the family to sit down for a spell. Quinkie's is the perfect choice for your next meal. This burger chain from the Watch Dogs franchise isn't exactly upscale, but its 1950s atmosphere will transport you back to the days of diners and soda shops.

The fare here is what you'd expect: burgers, shakes, hot dogs, cookies, and more. Choosing Quinkie's for a hot dog when in Chicago is a peculiar decision, to put it nicely, but it's a judgment-free zone. Feel free to get your grub on at a great price and refill your focus meter at the same time. That's a bargain that can't be beaten.

1 Kinryu Ramen – Yakuza Series

Conveniently located in the entertainment hub of Sotenbori, this ramen shop is a relaxing reprieve from a night of karaoke and debauchery. While the outside is lit up like a Christmas tree, inside, you'll find humble digs.

All that's needed are a few tables and a counter to order at. While the regular bowl of ramen is a delicious standout that will boost your speed, the star of the menu is the Chashu Ramen topped with a slice of pork. Eat this dish to boost your strength as you fight through the criminal underworld.

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