5 great non-gaming Xbox One apps to use during lockdown – Reader’s Feature

A reader suggests five Xbox One apps that aren’t games but may be just as useful for getting through self-isolation.

While Microsoft’s Xbox One is a gaming console it still has its fair share of amazing apps and during a tough crisis you most certainly will want to unwind and relax during the difficult times ahead. The Xbox One offers a great multimedia experience and can provide hours of entertainment even when you are not playing a game and are looking for something to enjoy with the whole family. Here are five great Xbox One apps that you should give a try and will find useful to have installed.


One of the best live streaming apps out there, which offers you the chance to sit back and enjoy various live streams of games that are currently popular; as well as some other classic games, along with the ability to earn sparks and level up in streams. You can use sparks to support various streamers you like, so when you are ready you can choose what sparks to use and when. It is a fun way to not only support other streamers, but you can also make yourself more visible to people also watching the stream. Also, with the live talk and radio shows it’s a great experience to be able to watch other non-gaming livestreams that the whole family can enjoy. You can also livestream gameplay yourself and enjoy interacting with a great, supportive community.


Although similar to the above-mentioned app, Twitch does offer other gaming streams and has some cool features different to Mixer. It’s a great second alternative to use if you cannot find any livestreams of the games you want to see and also has its fair share of great streamers. For example, Sizzsars and Oxiegrog, two of my favourites, along with some impressive streamers who help make this streaming service a fun alternative place to come to. With streamers also offering live shows and radio stations it’s a great way to enjoy this app and relax.


Full of great video content and incredible creators, with a good search feature, this app will also seek out other video creators similar to each other and list them on tabs for you to see what’s available, without the need to spend hours searching for them. You are also able to watch livestreams as well, which ensures that you can log in, sit back and enjoy this apps’ great features.

Microsoft Edge

Although the app has a few unfixed issues it still is a great way to quickly browse any website directly from your Xbox and is also a great way to look at websites you enjoy from the comfort of your console, as well as being used to access email services. It’s a handy way to quickly check emails without the need to switch on your PC all the time and also allows you to access services online that require you to log in via the website. It is also a great way to access the Internet from your TV and console.


This app is especially useful for those on Xbox One who would like to talk to their families while in quarantine. The app allows video and voice communication as well as allowing multi-conferencing, ideal for people to talk with each other directly from the Xbox One or for those on other systems. The app comes in handy for people who want to keep in regular contact and is a brilliant way to talk with loved ones while they and themselves are in quarantine. Skype can also be used to make phone calls, another handy feature.

While dealing with a pandemic these are great ways for Xbox One owners who want to take a break from playing games to get more enjoyment out of their gaming system and help cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

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