10 Things Starfield Can Learn From No Man’s Sky

Starfield is a brand-new game from Bethesda and it’s a Sci-Fi RPG. Another epic Sci-Fi game is No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. This game took everyone by surprise with just how popular it became and how good of a game it is. You get to explore an endless amount of Galaxies in Space and go from planet to planet with no clue as to what you might find.

Although No Man’s Sky is a survival game, there is a lot that Starfield and Bethesda can learn from it as it does so many things right.  Even some of the things that gamers don’t necessarily think are right, are still done well.

10 The Space Anomaly – A Mobile Main Hub

In No Man’s Sky, there is a large and mobile space station called The Space Anomaly. This is essentially the big social hub for everyone in the game that holds vendors, important devices you can use and you can summon it to you anytime you are in space.

Even though Starfield will be a single-player experience, lessons can still be taken from the Anomaly. Like No Man’s Sky, the Starfield universe will be procedurally generated. This random generation will make the game interesting but having one main place that you have all of the important items/equipment you need would be invaluable. Especially if you find yourself stuck in space at any point.

9 Crafting Materials – Make It Easier For Beginners

You really don’t get a guide when you start the game. You get a walkthrough of the basics but then you are left to learn on your own. The universe is so detailed that there is a lot to figure out by yourself if you want to survive and this can be daunting for new players. Even looking online at help forums can be overwhelming, simply because there are so many small details you need to get right.

Crafting materials are a huge thing you need to know in order to survive in No Man’s Sky and it gets increasingly complicated. The game is loved by many for the complexity of survival. However, Starfield could learn from this and potentially make a game mode that is easier for beginners to get used to everything without overwhelming them.

8 Flight Controls – Cover The Basics But Are Fun

The flight controls when you are in your Ship are by no means complicated. The mechanics of flight cover the basics without adding in extra unnecessary complex controls and this makes flying all the more fun. Going from planet to planet is less of a hassle due to being able to do Pulse Jumps that quickly propel you where you want to go.

If any of the previous Bethesda games are anything to go by, then Starfield is going to be a vast universe full of wondrous things to discover. This means that you will probably need to pilot your own ship. Starfield can learn that flight controls don’t need to be over-complicated to be enjoyable.

7 The Endless Variety Of Planets

There are quite literally an endless amount of planets and places for you to visit in No Man’s Sky and no two planets are identical. There are several types of planets in the game such as planets plagued with radiation or heat storm. However, no planet behaves exactly the same or looks the same. This means that wherever you land there is going to be something new to discover or a new challenge to come up against.

Bethesda has proven time and time again that they think carefully about every single detail put into the environments of their games. Therefore it’s safe to assume that the Starfield universe will be filled with intricate details, but it could learn from No Man’s Sky that these details do not need to be repetitive to be good.

6 Sentinels – A Fun Mini-Enemy

Sentinels patrol planets and get the grumps if they find you mining things. They’re little bodyguards for the planet but they can become a big problem if you annoy them enough. Different planets have different levels of Sentinel activity and usually, you will be fine on a low activity planet. Though dealing with the Sentinels can be easy, they still keep you on your toes and they are something you need to think about whilst you’re exploring.

Starfield could learn from the premise of the Sentinels as they are an enemy that you always need to think about. They’re never triggered off by a mission or completing an event but they are always in your universe and always need to be thought of. This adds another layer to the game where there are no obvious time-limited enemies but there are constant unpredictable ones.

5 Constant Updates And Additions

The developers of No Man’s Sky are always rolling out new patches and new updates for the game. Sometimes they are just to fix issues people have found in the game but they also churn out new additions to the game. One of the most recent ones was the addition of having companions in the game.

This is a huge thing that Starfield can learn – if you keep progressing the game and consistently make an effort to better your player’s experiences then they are more likely to stay with you. If you have a game that you love but has bugs that don’t get fixed then eventually you will walk away from the game. No Man’s Sky still has a big fanbase because it’s always being improved.

4 Thorough Customization Options

Being able to customize your own character adds a fun element to any game. In No Man’s Sky, you get to do this and if you end up not liking it, you’re not stuck with it! You can go in at any time and change how your character looks. Along the way, you’ll meet different species that are living in the universe and if you feel a connection to one of them, you can go in and change your character to be a part of their species!

Customizing your character in another Bethesda game, Fallout 4, already follows a similar trope. You need to go to a specific place in order to change your appearance. The freedom to change how you look whenever you want is something that will hopefully be a part of Starfield.

3 Environments Are Immersive And Responsive

Logically speaking, exploring through space and planets that have been ‘untouched’ will not always be sunshine and rainbows. In No Man’s Sky, some planets are completely harmless and rather charming places to explore. Other planets try to kill you repeatedly. There are even plants that want to hurt you and kill you.

This is arguably a realistic portrayal of what it may be like on distant planets that we know nothing about and it makes exploring them more fun. Having a docile planet to explore, though welcome sometimes, can become boring very fast as there is nothing to challenge you. This can be a huge lesson for Starfield in order to avoid their environments becoming boring after a while.

2 Base Building

Being able to build your own base on a planet that you choose is one of the most loved features of No Man’s Sky. Fans are constantly sharing their intricate creations with pride and so they should. Building a base is not an easy feat, there are so many small things that you need to think about in order to make it work. You have to think about a power supply and sort out all of the electrical elements to have working parts of the base.

It’s one of the many parts that make the game feel very personal to the user. Being able to build your own home on a planet with your own design and own choices gives players a sense of ownership over their game experience. Starfield could have similar aspects that you can have choices over.

1 Pets – Having A Companion Makes Everything Better

You can have companions in No Man’s Sky and they are your very own Alien pets! They are useful as they can look for valuable materials, hunt down other animals and become a ride for you if you get tired of walking. When you are out exploring you can come across creatures, if you befriend one of them you can make it a companion.

Starfield is rumored to be a single-player game with no multiplayer aspects so far. Therefore, adding some form of companion for the players would be brilliant. It could be a sarcastic but charming robot or funky-looking aliens like in No Man’s Sky. Exploring space is a little less lonely with a companion at your side.

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