10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising recently released for all consoles and offers players a chance to experience ancient Greece in all its mythical, magical epicness. While the map isn’t the largest, the area is very dense and full of secrets, hidden quests, legendary monsters to defeat, and more.

The game is a little lacking in explaining some of the finer mechanics of the gameplay, meaning that there’s often a lot of handy tips that players miss out on. Check out these top ten things you might not realize you can do in Fenyx Rising.

10 Cheat in Battle by Taking the High Ground

There are a number of enemies within the game, ranging from small insignificant wildlife to large legendary beasts. If you’re choosing to play on one of the higher difficulty options, or you are struggling a little with some of the hardier monsters, you can cheat a little.

Unless the creature in question can fly, you can climb up the nearest building, hill, or something similar to take the high ground, and then can just pick off its health with your arrow abilities. Occasionally they will send missiles your way, but they’re easily dodged. You can also invest in your abilities so headshots do more damage and pump up those arrow/bow upgrades.

9 Make Puzzles and Challenges Easier

Regardless of what difficulty you choose for your playthrough, if puzzles aren’t one of your strong points, you can make them a little easier for yourself. If you go into the gameplay options menu, you can choose to get some help with the various challenges.

As well as providing visual cues for certain puzzles, you can also make the Odysseus challenges easier by leaving the target braziers still lit even after failed attempts, making any re-attempts easier as you don’t need a perfect run. There’s also help available for Fresco Myth and Constellation Myth challenges too.

8 Use Hephaistos’s Hammer to Solve Puzzles

Hephaistos’s Hammer is one of the Godly Powers that you can unlock by spending Coins of Charon at the Hall of the Gods. As well as being a great ability at dealing massive amounts of damage, the charged upgrade of this allows you to whack heavy blocks around.

This is really useful when solving puzzles, for example, in The Path to Erebos Vault you can use this to hit the heavy block over to the next platform so you can then push it into place on the button and get the treasure chest.

7 Use Ares Wrath to Reach Greater Heights

Another Godly Power that you can unlock is Ares Wrath and you should definitely prioritize this over some of the other abilities. It’s a great move that thrusts small enemies into the air while dealing damage.

A great side effect of this ability is that you also move upwards into the air, so it’s great for accessing higher areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach by just jumping. This is especially handy in vaults where you can’t climb walls. You can double jump and then use Ares Wrath to go even higher and reach those hard-to-get-to platforms.

6 Hermes Secret Hideaway

There is a super-secret area that you can visit and get access to a hidden treasure chest. The place is Hermes Secret Hideaway, but regrettably, you have no control over when you get to visit it. It cannot be found by searching the map at all.

There is a random chance of Hermes teleporting you to his hideaway when you attempt to fast travel to the Hall of the Gods. The irritating thing about this is that the chest location does show in the Clashing Rocks area, so many players search for it for completion’s sake, and never find it as they don’t realize you can’t physically get there by yourself.

5 Quickest Way to Gather Resources

As with any RPG, you’ll need a good stock of potions to aid you in your journey, but unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with crafting them all yourself as there is no shop that sells them. You can craft potions at the Hall of the Gods or any Cauldrons of Circe that you come across.

For each potion, you need more than one item, whether it be pomegranates, blue mushrooms, flower nectar, or Olympian figs. Gathering these can be a real pain, so the best thing to do is get the Telekinesis Gathering ability to make it a little easier. Not only does this mean you can gather multiple resources on foot in one go, but it makes for quicker gathering on horseback. Simply run around while mounted and you’ll auto-collect any resources you run past with no interaction needed.

4 Easy Coins of Charon

To get all those nice ability upgrades and unlock more Godly Powers, you’ll be needing plenty of Coins of Charon. You can get a whole bunch of these early on with little effort required to get a good headstart on your character development.

There are six areas that have a Big Lyre challenge, each of which has three or four tunes that can be found and played on them to receive coins. You don’t actually need to find the tunes yourself, you can simply follow our guide to reap the rewards. You can hit up all six areas as soon as you complete the prologue, finish the lyre challenges, then head back to where you actually want to be afterward.

3 Create Your Own Alexios or Kassandra

Immortals Fenyx Rising is made by the same team at Ubisoft who made Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and additionally, the game was created after it was inspired by a bug in Odyssey. So unsurprisingly, there are many similarities between the two games in terms of gameplay mechanics, quests, and of course, setting.

What many players don’t realize unless they venture into the Ubisoft Connect menu, is that you can recreate Alexios or Kassandra in the game by downloading the Misthios items from the Connect store. You need to spend Club Units to receive them, but these can be earned by completing various challenges in Uplay enabled games.

2 Replenish Stamina While Using It

Stamina is super important in Fenyx Rising as you need it for most tasks. You’ll probably want to increase your stamina bar as soon as possible, as the more stamina you have, the longer you can glide for, further you can climb, and so on.

What you might not realize is that you can consume blue mushrooms or stamina potions while doing these tasks. As long as you have a decent supply of potions or mushrooms, you can glide further, swim further, or climb higher. This can also be done when using Apollo’s Arrow, which is especially helpful when completing Odysseus’ Challenges.

1 Get an Epic Mount Very Early On

A lot of players don’t realize that they can get mounts really early on, in fact, they can find an Epic Mount in the Clashing Rocks prologue area. The earlier you can get an epic mount, the better, as they have a whopping three bars of stamina.

Laurion the silver pegasus can be found on the most eastern island north of the Clashing Rocks mainland. You can see its location, as well as the location of the other Epic Mounts here. To tame it, simply approach while crouched and stop moving when it is alerted to your presence. Once you are close enough, you will be prompted to tame it.

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