Konami’s new Contra game coming to phones

Contra is back with a new entry that’s coming exclusively to mobile devices. On Monday, Konami announced Contra Returns, a new take on the side-scrolling run-and-gun series that’s coming on July 26.

The new game will bring a few updates to the arcade original including new weapons and characters. Contra Returns will also include new storylines and over 200 total levels, along with updated graphics. The game will also include a new one-life mode that will let players see how far they can get without dying.

Veteran Contra heroes Bill Rizer and Lance Bean will return, fighting alongside Sheena from Contra 4, Lucia from Contra: Shattered Soldier, a bear, and Brad Fang, who is a werewolf.

Contra: Returns is developed jointly by Konami and Tencent’s TiMi Studios, which also developed 2017’s Contra: Return, a Chinese-only Contra game published by Tencent. While Contra Returns is set to be a new game, it’s not quite clear how similar it may be to Contra: Return. Returns will be the first new Contra game released in the United States since 2019’s Contra: Rogue Corps and the Contra: Anniversary Collection.

Contra Returns will be available on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store starting on July 26. Players can pre-register for the game now to unlock special rewards when it’s released.

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