Dungleon transforms Wordle into a 5-character dungeon crawler

Since its online release last October, Wordle has steadily grown from a fun daily internet distraction into a full-blown viral phenomenon now owned by The New York Times. Aside from inspiring whole swaths of players to devise their own strategies for correctly guessing each day’s new word, Wordle now seems to have inspired a nascent subgenre of “Wordle-likes.” That now includes Dungleon, a web-based “guess the dungeon” game that takes the original game’s word-based design and substitutes it for heroes, monsters, and glorious loot.

Developed by Felipe Dal Molin (@Lipedal), Clément Dussol (@clementdussol), and Bruno Ruchiga (@brunoruchiga), Dungleon plays similarly to Wordle with players being offered six chances to guess the composition of a five-character “dungeon” in lieu of a five-letter word.

While the basic concept remains more or less fundamentally the same, Dungleon iterates on the core design of Wordle by introducing several secret rules that define the composition of every dungeon, such as a dungeon must consist of at least one “hero” character and one “monster” character, and that certain pieces only appear in a specific spots. In addition, if one misses three or more guesses, Dungleon offers players assistance in the form of “magic spells” that either remove invalid pieces or highlight correct ones without using a guess. Like Wordle, Dungleon spawns new “dungeon” every day, allowing players the opportunity play again and again to their heart’s content.

Dungleon may not set the internet on fire in the same way Wordle has, but it’s a fun game that hopefully will go on to inspire even more Wordle-likes of its own.

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