Worlds Finals Opening Ceremony: Galio falls from the sky in a new insane show

As always, Riot Games has delighted the fans all around the world with a new spectacular Opening Ceremony, with some of the most iconic Worlds songs, the participation of their virtual band K/DA, 3D effects, lights, and a big big surprise: Galio falling from Shanghai’s sky.

To open the show, we had the voice of the newest League of Legends champion, Seraphine, singing her famous cover of the K/DA first single “POP/STARS”.

A few moments after that, while Seraphine’s cover was still on, the whole K/DA band arrived at the Shangai Pudong Football Stadium in different ways. Akali rode her Ducati motorbike in, Ahri appeared sitting on a throne and Evelynn from the smoke of the missiles that Kai’Sa had dropped.

We’re almost there.#KDA #WORLDS2020

— K/DA (@KDA_MUSIC) October 31, 2020

While appearing, the four members of the virtual band started singing their second single “ALL OUT”, and Seraphine joined them as she did before in the collaboration that the champion announced on her social media.

Then, in the different screens that Riot had set all around the stage, we could see the images of former World Champions, together with a mashup of the most iconic Worlds songs we have had.

Legends Never Die (2017) opened this new phase of the Opening Ceremony, mixed with some parts of Ignite (2016). Rise (2018) followed and the big moment came with Warriors (2014), or at least its more recent version, to finally end with this World Championship edition’s theme: Take Over.

In the meantime, different dancers were taking the show… until it got stolen by the biggest surprise of the pre-event.

With Take Over still running, the Summoners Cup was brought to the stage, and its Louis Vuitton case started slowly opening (as it did last year).

Right after it happened, Riot Games showed their amazing augmented reality skills and made a giant Galio fall from the sky to protect the Summoner’s Cup and the contenders, who had already appeared in the main stage to start with the introductions.

Check the whole ceremony down here:

We could not have a more perfect warm-up before the series.

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