Visa issues for Team Adroit as ESL One Los Angeles Major approaches

Every year, without fail, there are always Visa issues for
Dota 2 teams heading to tournaments in different parts of the world –
unfortunately this has now affected Team Adroit one week prior to the ESL One
Los Angeles Major.

According to the above post made on the team’s Twitter
account just a short time ago, the team captain, Marvin ‘Boombacs’ Rushton has
been unable to secure a United States Visa. The post goes on to say that the
team have tried every possible route to obtain a Visa for the player but that none
have worked out. With the team flying out to Los Angeles later this week, it
seems as though they do have a stand-in already planned, who they will announce
in the coming days.

While Visa issues have become less prevalent in more recent
times, it still is not easy for many teams and players from smaller countries
to sometimes get their Visas into others – such as the USA. While tournaments
outside America have also seen some problems for a few players, we can only hope
that this incident remains isolated and more teams don’t begin to have the same

With ESL One Los Angeles less than a week away, we will keep
you up to date on any and all possible issues that teams are facing with Visas
as well as bringing you the news of who will be standing in for Boombacs and
playing for Adroit.

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