Vici Gaming get their revenge over PSG.LGD at OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China

After Vici Gaming were able to
take down EHOME in the lower bracket finals yesterday, it was time for another series
between themselves and PSG.LGD, this time in the grand finals of the OGA Dota PIT
Season 3: China.

Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD had
already played against one another twice so far at the OGA Dota PIT Season 3:
China, with LGD being victorious in both best-of-three series – once during the
group stage, and again in the second round of upper bracket playoffs. Going
into the grand finals, LGD were completely unbeaten in a full series at the
event but VG would be looking to end that streak.

Game one of the series was
exactly what we had expected from these two juggernauts of the CN Dota 2 scene,
with a massive back and forth brawl, with neither team wanting to show
weakness. It took almost an hour for the game to end and it was LGD with a
masterful bait of Wang “Ame” Chunyu to allow the IO and Tiny teleport to finish
the game in their favour.

However, VG were not demoralized by
the loss and their second game was nearly perfect, as they ripped through LGD,
proving to everyone that the unbeaten squad could, in fact, bleed. With the
series tied, VG picked up their specialty of Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang’s middle lane
Snapfire – which seemed to be far too much for LGD’s lineup to deal with. But, that
was not the end of the game, as LGD found their footing and quickly turned the
entire game around, pushing themselves into a gigantic lead, which resulted in
the GG call from VG and a 2-1 series lead for LGD.

Facing another loss to LGD, VG turned up once again, pushing themselves to the limits and destroying LGD’s shot at a series victory for the time being. VG never once gave their opponent a chance to breath as they ran rings around them and tied the series – leaving us with a full five game grand final. Although LGD had been almost entirely unstoppable since their new roster was confirmed, VG seemed to have all the answers today, as they perfectly managed to overcome everything thrown at them.

It was a fantastic Phantom
Assassin from Vici Gaming’s stand-in, Yang “Erica” Shaohan, which ripped
through the entire LGD lineup at every turn, giving VG a magnificent victory
over PSG.LGD and first place at OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China – also making them
two-time champions of the event.

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