Valorant will have a story, lore, & more

Riot Game has revealed that their upcoming first-person shooter, Valorant, will have lore similar to that of Blizzard’s arena shooter, Overwatch.

While many are comparing its gameplay to that of Counter-Strike, the Valve made game doesn’t have any lore behind its mechanics and structure.

In Valorant, however, there are individually named characters known as Agents with backstories that will be delved into within the game.

While Riot has already stated this world will not connect with that of their popular MOBA League of Legends, it will have an entire lore world of its own. This came to light in a recent video from YouTuber Qwixzo in which he questioned Riot Games’ Creative Director David Nottingham on the story of the game.

“There is a story, there is a world, we’ve put a lot of thought into that and fleshing out a wider world,” Nottingham explained in the video. “We have a backstory, we have a foundation, that we’re pretty confident talking about leading up before launch.”

There will be ways within the game in which players can learn more about their Agents the video goes on to explain. This will lead to quips, interactions, and more.

This will add even more excitement to the already highly anticipated game as fans flock to the not-yet-released game.

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