Report Suggest That Asian Esports Revenue Was Upwards of $500M in 2019

A report by leading market research firm Niko Partners suggests that in 2019, esports revenue in Asia was $519M USD, which is 50% of the global esports revenue. This number did not include any revenue generated by the games themselves but rather through sponsorships, licensing, franchising, ticketing, merchandise, and other revenue. The report also estimates that there are 510M esports fans in Asia. 

Mobile Gaming Outperforms PC and Console in the Region

An estimated 1.2B mobile gamers in the region contributed to a $39.5B USD yearly revenue in 2019 via mobile games. In fact, Asia contributed to 68% of the global revenue generated via mobile esport titles which is estimated to be $13.3B. The popularity of the mobile platform led to a 244% growth in the prize pools of mobile esports titles. 

The Impact of Female Gamers

Another important aspect of the report was the impact of female gamers in Asia. Estimates suggest that the number of female gamers grew by 18.8% to 500M in 2019. This number is projected to grow by nearly 15% in 2020. The growth in numbers has also led to a formation of women-only gaming leagues, all-female teams and has laid the foundations to an all-new ecosystem. In fact, the report suggests that esports titles with female participation are likely to attract more female viewers on livestream videos, more female fans and as a result, higher sponsorship values for advertisers. 

This data is taken from a report titled ‘Esports in Asia’ by Niko Partners. A more comprehensive version of the report is available on purchase. 

Shounak Sengupta is a staff writer for AFK Gaming.

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